Saturday, January 18, 2014

* ça commence bien * january goodness

mon pull pomegranate est terminé. j'ai dû ajouter plus de rangs que tous les autres parce que mon fil à tricoter, hempathy, me rendait une tension de rangs inférieure.  je suis ravie de l'avoir terminer.  je rêve maintenant d'une jupe marine sur ma table de couture pour ce printemps.
je craque pour les patrons genre fillette. alors, lorsque je suis tombée par hazard sur ce joli modèle, étant donner le froid arctique qu'il fit dehors et moi sans chapeau depuis des lustres, je l'ai tricoté illico avec katia peru. un en gris et un en grenat. la petite fleur, je l'ai fait au crochet au piff avec un joli bouton.

une autre paire de chaussettes réalisées avec laine à bas de regia twin.
happy new year sweet peas!
i finished my pomegranate pullover.  i am so pleased with myself.  once christmas holidays came around, i unpacked my project from hybernation and enjoyed the luxury of my rested mind and time at home all tucked in around the comfy fire to knit.
i wanted my pomegranate to be a fitted t-shirt.  i used hempathy yarn and my gauge was totally off so i had to compensate by knitting more lace pattern repeats than most ive seen on ravelry.  no wonder this took me so long.  
honestly, i am not completely happy with the way my neck and armscye openings turned but that is what i get for going off on my own train and using a different yarn.

we had a cold snap and i was hatless.  not good.  i started dreaming of knitting matching hat and mitt sets in every colour.  that is how cold it was.  when by chance craftsy sent me a link for the cool wool pattern, i fell in love and drove to the shop to get the ball of grey katia peru.  illico.  i actually knit two! there was a garnet coloured one as my prototype.  i knit too many repeats and made the flower really big that drags it down.  i ripped it out and removed one repeat to snug it up which really helps but the flower still feels a bit heavy but it is kinda gatsby so i like it very much.

and...another pair of socks were born.  knit from regia twin.  i am feeling very productive these days.

unpictured is a pair of made-to-measure leg warmers i knit for a friend with amputated legs.  they actually look like two long slouchies in chocolate brown.  i could not take a picture of them on the recipient because he wears them like underwear and without a model, they dont look like much at all but they were done in december when everything was crazy at work.

i have the bug to make big changes.  i have been struggling with what direction i am heading in my career too.  i am away from the knit shop so much that i feel ive lost my grip.  what to do?  i think i need a makeover.  we are starting the fifth year this year!!  ive decided to rehaul the whole place.  lookout big sales coming!!  i want new shelving and new products.  oh yeah, the big bang is looming.

- Ali xoxo


Donna said...

I just love your new sweater! You are talented, must take after your big

Fabienne said...

Ton chandail a une couleur magnifique et quel beau motif, il y a beaucoup de travail dans ce pull. J'aime aussi ton bonnet que tu portes très très bien et puis les bas ... tu me tentes ... un jour peut-être ...

Clamille said...

On dirait bien un regain!!! Comme je suis charmée par tout ce que je vois ici!!! Ton chandail est tout simplement magnifique et ton chaussettes sont toutes belles; j'aimerais tellement aimer tricoter des chaussettes mais bon...ce n'est pas pour moi!
Bonne reprise mon amie! ;)

Hilary said...

Beautiful, beautiful knits! And good luck with the makeover/decisions...changes do need to happen from time to time, as difficult as they are!