Thursday, October 24, 2013

my happy place

a bees nest hangs on a branch with the morning sun rising

Roxie waiting for Pete to catch up

my trail oxox

a new beaver hut this year

oh natural me...

glorious sun kissed forest xoxo

my girl...

near the top of the photo:  a beautiful red crested wood pecker...he didn't mind my attention at all...

Hi Sweets!  i'm so happy my walks along the river are back!  every day i find something new and beautiful to marvel at and feel blessed about.
this week, i heard a new bird making sounds.  i could tell he was big and i was hopeful it was another owl.  so exCiting!  it took me a few days and the earlier i go out, the better it is to see him.
meet the most beautiful wood pecker!  he whistles and seems to be happy to let me take close-ups and even a wee video.
there is lots of beaver action along the river.  they have nearly cleared out all the trees which makes me sad, but they are home here.
there was snow on my deck this morning and my wood stove is snapping and humming as i write...
i have a few centimetres left on my current project and then i start some really fun knits!