Wednesday, June 5, 2013

♥hempathy for the moonphase♥

good morning sweeties.  
the sun is shinning and im happily tucked in today.  if i were a kitten, i would purr...  the weather has cooled down and everyone here is enjoying that.  i love being wrapped up in bouclé to start the day.
im working from home this week which is always fun but even better when you're crampy and just want to stay home anyways.
ive fiiiiinally finished the ribbing for my Pomegranate pullover.  found the needle size after much ripping.  le sigh.
i must say, feeling very uneasy about using 2.5 mm.  i even restarted the pattern in a smaller size because what i thought i needed was ridiculously large.  whaaaa?
i unpacked my Aestlight to have a look at it to compare.  i used hempathy there too, and the needles were huge for that knit, and why is my pullover project so loose??  i still have no clue what's going on but everything these days seems to be standing on its head.  i am just trying to relax over here.
all this to say, my knitting is now set to cruise, and i love it, and it is so soothing, and i can't put it down; but i have a transcript to type...
did you notice my new owl?  isn't he nobble?  i love him!  i found him at a flea market last month.  i paid the asking price for him because i was so smitten...apparently, im supposed to bargain with the dealers, but i was too in love to argue.  i forked over the 7$ without question and len teased me as we walked away from the happy man behind the table.
but isn't he cute?  he's all purple and gold!!  
he looks so good.
did i mention i love him?
p.s. my back door is all in bloom at the moment.  i accidently chopped off some iris blooms with my weed eater...ooops!  i was plugging it in and was standing too close...but thankfully there are lots more.  eeek.  be carrrreful!