Monday, December 16, 2013


Dear Readers...This fall has been in a hurry to send us snow and temperatures that make crossing the swamp safe to get to my beloved winter trail for dog walking (running) and skiing.

I have been too busy with work (six transcripts this month!) to do much anything else beside drink coffee and shower.  But, crossing fingers, I finished the last one and hope to get some time to enjoy the magic of this time of year.

This past summer was very good for berries and here we have proof of it.  My trail was loaded on both sides with beautiful redness.   The path looked like it was fully decorated for the holidays.  Much better than my house since I haven't had time...  Chloe put up the tree herself this year but she did leave me a good portion of ornaments to place myself.  xoxo

The dogs are sooo excited and happy to have such a long run but Pete seems to be getting old and is having difficulty with the cold this year.  Roxie is in the best shape ever.  She runs the whole way there and back which is a far cry better than she has ever managed before.

I have a small knitting project to finish and then it is hat time for me.  My poor old cabled tuque is so old and worn, it falls over my eyes.  I dream of knitting matching mittens and have sets in many colours...a first for me.  I have never liked knitting mittens and hats before.

There are lots of new things looming on the horizon over at Laine de Bergere...It is year-end and that means lots of number crunching and ball counting...but for now, I want to listen to Christmas music and bake some treats and keep the home fires burning.

- Ali xxx

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Hilary said...

The photos of the berries are amazing! It does indeed look like the trail is decorated for the holidays. :) I hope you're able to relax a bit with some knitting and Christmas music and enjoy the magic of the season! Merry Christmas!!