Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Les Ciseaux de Coco - Burda 02-2008-119 Tie neck blouse

February 2008 is my favorite issue of Burda magazine.  My sister Donna gave me this issue from her collection because I have fallen in love with so many of its pieces.  It started with the unrealized cute trench coat I wanted to make from silver metallic fabric that she went out and found for me and still waits to be sewn.  And that fabulous pleated skirt I made to wear to Ivy's graduation...that I want to make again with lighter fabric and softer lace.

I have been so inspired lately by bloggers that create the same pattern many times.  Sometimes this has allowed improvements or creativity.  The usefulness of making one pattern several times was lost on me but I've come to think about it and how I could keep trying something until I get it right or discover something that really works.

I recently found a cute blog called 52 Creations that inspired me to challenge myself in the sewing room.  I want to practice my skills again!  Having a few pretty pieces to wear to work would be a bonus.

I have never used my new body form  and that was made back in 2011.  I almost put it in the garbage this summer because I thought I would never tackle a top again.  Luckily, I kept it and it does in fact result in being very useful and appreciated.

Where do I get inspiration?  Besides the wonderful bloggers in my Reader list...I love Youtube!!  I watch every Haut Couture video I can find.  This really excites me into mustering up the courage to trace out the pieces from those pattern sheets with multiple coloured lines and no seam allowances.  Eee!  Seeing all those priceless gowns being hand sewn and hand beaded...glueing on feathers and all that from a sketch.  I would love to learn how to drape and hand sew finishing techniques... le sigh.

All this to say, this sleeveless blouse is a favorite and I decided to go for it a week ago.  I am so exCited that it was a success.  The collar is love.  Squeee!

I have too many meters of fabric tucked away in my someday boxes that I bought once and really should use up already.  This fabric was two meters of light polyester my sister found for me.  I am glad she did because I need to put colour in my wardrobe!  This was super cheap stuff and I think it has a defect too.  Some of the colour is smudged on the background but I don't care because this was just a test piece.  Little did I know I would love it so much!!  Chloé calls it my Gobstopper Blouse.  I see olives...martini, Mr. Bond?

I topstitched the collar and the bias binding from the right side.
I really feel good in loose tops that fall without fitting around my middle

view of the back neck gathers
I cut out size 42.  That sounds like a huge number doesn't it?  European sizes my arse!  Anyway, even the arm holes were perfect so 42 it is.  Yikes.

It is too bad it suddenly got so icy cold outside this week or else I would wear it with my old black pencil skirt.  I find the cold wind worse before the snow comes...I am sticking with pants until further notice.  I think I need a black or gray belt to cinch it in like the picture above.

Somebody stop me from running out to buy more fabric!  I would love some millefleurs!!

I really am going on and on about this one...I must mention the wonderful and much needed help I found on from members that have shared their experience with this pattern.  I really struggled with the collar instructions.  I have some ideas on how I want to change how I make the next one.  I will try to make my own tutorial on the next top to fill in the gaps I struggled with.

I did topstiching to attach the collar and binding.  I love to topstitch!

Thank you Mr. Janome for being my loyal machine.  I promise to get you a spa day soon. xox

Monday, November 18, 2013

**some fun stuff**

1. I am not knitting very much on my Pomegranate these days but so far I am hovering around the armpits.  To be honest, I am not in the mood for all the smart bits involved with arm holes since I only knit in the evening when I have a days worth already taken out of me.  So this baby is having a wee nap.  I have knit up a pair of socks and am on a second pair which is my favorite no brainer knitting thing to do.

2. Holly Hobbie!!!  I love all things Holly Hobbie since I can remember and I found this embroidered picture at our local flea market this summer.  This will hang in my sewing room.

3.  Another flea market find.  A painted box of drawers with strawberries.  This reminded me of the Strawberry Theft motif I love from Morris.  I use this in my bathroom to put Qtips, makeup pads, and jewellery.  
4.  Some great new bowls...all nine for 5$...the yellow one looks great with cranberry sauce in it.

5.  A beautiful wool blanket for 20$  The label means it's locally made.  Imagine that!

6.  Late this summer, I helped my husband put a coat of stain on this log structure that will be staying with us over the winter for a Spring 2014 delivery.  After spending a weekend putting the stain on the bottom rows, I decided it was time to paint the walls in our house too.  Therefore, I have been painting every spare moment I have which means not much knitting to share!

7.  Meet Stu.  We now have a bunny.  He is awfully cute and soft!
8.  Meet moth.  This guy was sitting beside me on the deck the last evening I sat out with my knitting.  He was huge!  
9.  Pete trying on his new sweater.  I started it last winter because he outgrew his tweed coat.  It has taken me so long to commit to finishing this one that it is very tight on him as well. Mr. man has gained weight along with me this summer we spent on our butts typing because of my new job.

The weather here is cooling down for winter.  I love it!  The knitting shop is all a buzz for another season.  I am now having to spend Saturdays at the shop to help Ivy serve customers.

I have been working on some sewing projects too!  More about that soon. 
- Ali xx