Tuesday, August 20, 2013

let the crickets sing

this is the important time. when the winds of change start to blow at my curtains.  the crickets have arrived and have chased away all the nasty creepy earwigs.  the flowers are blooming everywhere i look.  in the morning, i walk my dogs and pick fresh clover for the bunny.  i can tie the pups outside after lunch and they snooze away the afternoon without deerflies which thankfully have gone.

last week, i stopped along the road to visit a pond of birds.  there were geese, ducks and seagulls.  they were so friendly! this goose saw me put my hand inside my purse to get my camera and it must have thought i was reaching for bread.  it came up so close to me, i was a little apprehensive.  ive never been so close to a canada goose in my life.  what a thrill.  i marveled at its beauty and i allowed myself to pretend this was a black swan and wished i could feed it gum and pet it all afternoon.

one of my new blooms. i just love it.  it makes me so happy to see its pretty little circles of colour.
my flower beds have all grown wild this summer.  my garden is still tucked under a blanket for safe keeping.  the needles are dosing in a bag too.  not much time for those pursuits right now.  i have been painting cabinets and dreaming of new furniture in between studying grammar and typing up transcripts.

this weekend is the Twist Festival and i dare say i might fall down and get some new stash.  i miss my days in the shop surrounded by sticks and string and music.  ça me manque.

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Hilary said...

You must live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! How wonderful to be surrounded by so much glorious nature!