Wednesday, May 8, 2013

on being ♥ broken

my fav lunch of salmon cakes, grilled mushrooms and salad ♥

I recently went for a routine check up and the doctor found that I now have Arrhythmia.  I am still waiting for  my test results which is pointless because of the, "no news is good news", policy.  I have no idea how long to wait before I can relax.  Then again, I am not feeling "good" enough to let the subject drop.  I need to see a Cardiologist!

In any event, I was thinking about how important it is to live everyday to the fullest.  Therefore, I am going to do just that.  Not put off stuff that really matters.  There are so many knit projects I want to make!!

I have been swatching a new lace pattern.  Uggh, what is it with me and those lace charts?  This one has YOs on every row.  There are no restful alternate rows.  A real, "keep your eyes peeled to the page, honey", sort of pattern.  It will be gorgeous, if I ever get passed the second row.

I have now changed to chunky yarn and big bamboo sticks to practice on.  When I am not typing for work, I will be stitching on this chart while I wait and see if my heart will come back to regular programming.

I have so much biking I want to do!  I am afraid of going off alone, in case I can't get back.  I was reading about the beautiful trails in the Canton de l'Est this morning.  There is a taxi service for when you get too tired to come back on your own.  That is exactly what I need here. ♥♥♥

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Hilary said...

Oh, Aline, I'll be praying that everything is ok! But I like your attitude about living each day to the fullest....I needed to be reminded of that today. :)