Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 nids et mes ciseaux

ON my walks in the forest, the same path every day, there is always something worth seeing.

On Valentine's Day, I saw four bird nests and a fox. Today, two turkeys in a tree.

They never left their roost while we walked by. They got a little fidgety and they fanned their tails but decided we were nothing but vegetarians.

I can't imagine why I never saw those nests before. I realize they were there the whole time. It is exciting to think of all the beauty around that will soon be discovered because I am now looking on purpose every day.

My favourite nest is the one just above my head in the open shed where I keep a spare set of skis for company. A Mama bird has made her home there. See?

In the meantime, I have pulled Monsieur Janome out of the closet again. I love him more and more as the years go by. I've decided to try selling my serger machine. I am having it professionally cleaned and checked before I sell it.

Here is a small project to get my mojo flowing. Adding a silky binding to a blanket I found at the thrift store. I used a multi coloured embroidery thread and an X stitch to attach the first side. Mitered corners are not my strong point and now I realize that I should have basted first but it's too late now. I will finish securing the second side of the binding by hand some day soon. I love hand-sewing!

I want to start sewing some summer dresses too. I am using my Burda pattern magazine from France. Love love love...

My aran style socks are finished. I have taken my sweet time making these but they are perfect. There is still enough cold of winter left to keep my friend warm with these. I hope she loves them as much as I do. The angle of this shot makes the leg seem too small so just ignore that.

I made a pair of sockies for myself using the left-overs from my sister's birthday socks. They are really soft and warm and they have become very fuzzy with wash and wear. Love love love these too. They are great to pull-on over stockings inside my boots to drive to work. I have just enough of a wee ball left-over yet again to make at least one hexipuff someday since this yarn is the right colour for my future beekeeper's quilt.

Last night I made perfect pastry and turned it into delicious pumpkin pie. Love love love. Ali xx


Hilary said...

Those nests are amazing! We had some doves nest on our fire escape two times in a row. It was so wonderful seeing the little eggs there, then little tiny birdies, then seeing the mama teach them how to cool.

I wish you lots of sewing mojo! I'm desperate to spruce up my summer wardrobe without spending much money, so am hoping to get out my machine soon. Maybe we can help encourage each other!

Jean said...

I wanted the say that I terminated my facebook account, the advertisements were getting too annoying. I will continue to follow your blog. Would you send me your ravelry info. We can keep in touch that way too.