Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 nids et mes ciseaux

ON my walks in the forest, the same path every day, there is always something worth seeing.

On Valentine's Day, I saw four bird nests and a fox. Today, two turkeys in a tree.

They never left their roost while we walked by. They got a little fidgety and they fanned their tails but decided we were nothing but vegetarians.

I can't imagine why I never saw those nests before. I realize they were there the whole time. It is exciting to think of all the beauty around that will soon be discovered because I am now looking on purpose every day.

My favourite nest is the one just above my head in the open shed where I keep a spare set of skis for company. A Mama bird has made her home there. See?

In the meantime, I have pulled Monsieur Janome out of the closet again. I love him more and more as the years go by. I've decided to try selling my serger machine. I am having it professionally cleaned and checked before I sell it.

Here is a small project to get my mojo flowing. Adding a silky binding to a blanket I found at the thrift store. I used a multi coloured embroidery thread and an X stitch to attach the first side. Mitered corners are not my strong point and now I realize that I should have basted first but it's too late now. I will finish securing the second side of the binding by hand some day soon. I love hand-sewing!

I want to start sewing some summer dresses too. I am using my Burda pattern magazine from France. Love love love...

My aran style socks are finished. I have taken my sweet time making these but they are perfect. There is still enough cold of winter left to keep my friend warm with these. I hope she loves them as much as I do. The angle of this shot makes the leg seem too small so just ignore that.

I made a pair of sockies for myself using the left-overs from my sister's birthday socks. They are really soft and warm and they have become very fuzzy with wash and wear. Love love love these too. They are great to pull-on over stockings inside my boots to drive to work. I have just enough of a wee ball left-over yet again to make at least one hexipuff someday since this yarn is the right colour for my future beekeeper's quilt.

Last night I made perfect pastry and turned it into delicious pumpkin pie. Love love love. Ali xx

Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 choses


À mon tour, je suis honorée de recevoir le 'Versatile Blogger Award', décerné par AllSaints, un endroit inspirant qui partage la belle vie d'une maman et son talent à nous faire découvrir ses projets crochet, tricot, broderie, bricolage, couture et recettes...

J'aime bien suivre ce blogue et placoter ensemble lorsqu'on se voie à la boutique de laine!

Alors, pour faire ma part de mériter cet honneur, je vais essayer de vous apprendre au moins 7 choses sur moi...

J'aurais voulu être ballerine et j'adore la musique. La musique est presque mon oxygène...
Je me couche tôt et il me faut un bouquin sur ma table de chevet.
Je pleur facilement et souvent même quotidiennement.
La forêt est mon refuge parmi les arbres. Je veux toujours grandir et atteindre de nouveaux défis. Je trouve que la vie est de plus en plus belle. Je préfère donner des cadeaux que j'ai fait à la main avec amour. Je rêve de voyager avec mon amour. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mon Univers en Bleu et en Rose

1. Ce matin vers 7h30 / Softness greeted me earlier today.
 My garden is fast asleep all tucked in under a blue and pink duvet...
2. Mon plus beau cadeau de Noël. J'ai trouvé une chouette pendant ma marche le 24 déc. / Happened upon an owl on my Christmas Eve walk.

3. Le marais endormi. / The beauty of a frozen wet land.

4. Une autre chouette lapone quelques jours plus tard. / A second owl on my trail.
Déjà le mois de février.
Je suis plutôt occupée avec mes résolutions 2013...
Par contre, je tricote toujours des bas lorsque je trouve quelques minutes ici et là. J'ai une deuxième paire en marche. Celle-ci torsadée pour une amie avec qui on a partagé le beau voyage en Europe l'année dernière. Photos à venir.

Contente d'avoir trouver un commerce de livres usagés tout près de ma boutique. Les bouquins à 10 $ font vraiment mon bonheur. xx


Where did January go? I never saw it! I have been knitting socks in between this and that. I am on my second pair with the second sock on the go. These are a special gift for my friend Jennifer (of the lovely Provence trip last year) using thick yarn with cables. (photos soon).

Gosh, I have been all over the place. My mood is up and down from nerves and excitement. I am learning a new job and still running the shop from a distance with Ivy at the helm. I am so proud of her. She is doing a great job. The only hiccup being that she still has no driver's licence and well, all this driving to and fro is costing me a mint. But, it could be worse.

Everything is new. I am taking it one day at a time. I am hopeful I might finish my home decorating project soon too. Fresh paint and pretty tiles.

Ali xxx