Monday, August 27, 2012

Festival Twist aka twisted sisters weekend

1. and 2. Thanks to my friend Céline for helping me pack up and settle into my spot at the Twist Festival this weekend. she kept me sane and organized all weekend and that was such a relief. we winged it and it turned out great. i thought it looked warm and cozy just like the actual shop back home...i realize now that we forgot to take a picture of us in the booth together...but anywho, it was so icky and hot the whole weekend that we were not much in the mood for pictures.
Céline was a huge help taking care of everything while i was in my knitting class with the Yarn Harlot. thanks to Lynda for having us to stay this weekend. thanks to my sister Donna that spent the afternoon with us to give us bathroom breaks and a chance to walk about the market place. share a few giggles, ahem, i am not posting THAT picture of me with the beer and chips!!

3. my sister and i got to gush chat with Stephanie Pearl MacPhee after class and take pictures for the blog. really cool to meet a favorite blogger in person! i had a fun day of knitting but felt really guilty being in that freezing cold air conditioned room while my friends were slaving away in the heat of the market place.

we mosied over to Lynda's new house nearby each night and cooked up yummy dishes and had wine and knitting until bedtime. it was a great weekend. we have made plans for at least two more weekends such as this...

packing up the booth was smooth and we got back to the shop and unpacked by dinner time. so glad that is over but it was a great experience. i could NOT have done this without everyone's help. i have so many ideas for the next kiosk.
-like rent a freakin' van instead of cramming into the Yaris.
-something to cover the dirty cement floor
-a fan
-more knitted items for sale (i could have sold my gray sweater 10 times if only it wasn't last winters wardrobe!)

 it was amazing to see how many people turned out for the event. i hope to see you all again soon.

anywho, one week left to my summer vacation! the kids start school in two days...!!!

if it wasn't for the damn dentist appointment this thursday, i would say this was a really great week. Oh well, the headaches are driving me loopy so, dentist here i come!

this weekend is the Shawville Fair and i hope to head back home for a day of fun with the kiddos and hopefully see many friends and family again.

p.s. len ate his first few garden tomatoes and the bass boat motor died again. que sera sera.


Monday, August 20, 2012

August was a heavy month

1. yes, yes, i'm getting there. i am at the crochet edge around the neck in fact. i thought i would slip it on for the first time and give it a try. what do you think?
 i still need to make those leaves... tack them on and give it a new wash and block. the only thing i regret is the few yards of yarn i used to start knitting with. i ripped it back so many times and dragged it over this continent and the next so it does look a little tired. boo hiss. the fresh crochet edge looks so bright next to the cast on edge... you live and you learn.

2. i have been hard at work giving my humble chez nous a fresh new look. this shelf in the kitchen was my little reno project this past weekend. i had to take it down to paint the window sill and wall so i borrowed len's sander and worked off a few years of scuffs and water marks. a few coats of polyurethane later and it looks gorgeous. better than new actually. i can't stop petting it.

3. this is my favorite comfort food. potato and salmon soup. onions from the garden too. i got it just right tonight...thick and piping hot.

4. we spent the night at a friends farm this past weekend. she has a whole new herd of sheep this visit! they were about to be sheared. poor things must have been so hot this summer. i know i have been so uncomfortable this summer. the heat has finally giving it a rest and now i have to paint the whole house in two weeks because i go back to work in september. crap.

5. len built this log home. must be a nice feeling for him to walk up and be welcomed inside. we had a great time. met a nice family in the neighbourhood that wanted to adopt our chickens. we packed them up and moved them to their new coop. they were very impressed with the big space and fresh hay. school starts on the time for chicken coop cleaning. we expect a lot more homework this year.

à bientôt!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a peek at my garden this morning

1. my garden partially planted itself this year... 4 sunflowers and one tomato plant reseeded by their onesy. i successfully transplanted 3 sunflowers along the edge and now they are a little over 5 feet tall. they make me smile. mes soldats du jardin...

2. 3.  everything has finally bushed out and the few rain spells we received lately have encouraged us all quite a bit to continue... the shade from the plant leaves have cut down the weeding and has locked-in some moisture from the rain barrel waterings. blossoms have arrived. i thought they never would.

4. the noise maker saved most of my seeds from Madame Rouge Gorge. she has made a nest nearby and she loves the garden very much. i found her perched on the cucumber trellis with a worm in her beek.

7. i captured the beauty of the morning dew on my pea leaves. what a gorgeous plant! i love this plant the most. the curley cews and shape of the leaves and now i have spotted 2 blooms...peas soon.

the shed in the back ground will someday be torn down. len wants to build a greenhouse with the recycled windows from our old cottage porch. i am very excited about this! i've always wanted a glass greenhouse. imagine the possibilities!