Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kebobs and Chantilly

It is our last night here in St-Rémy with Jennifer and Benjy.

I finished knitting the pair of socks for Sue (Benjy's Mum and for whom we are house sitting).

The MISTRAL blew up good this afternoon and nearly sabotaged our last bbq. The flames were getting a little friendly with the grill handles. Good to have a pool full of water to wet the grass and cool the handles and tin foil saved the day.

The meat was a bit charded but the fresh market strawberries and whipped Crème Fleurette made up for it.

Yesterday we drove to Nîmes.

Today we passed through Avignon.

I have discovered that turning a heel and those round intersections don't mix. I felt terrible. Came home and had my last 1664 of this trip. (beer)

I must say, I am lusting for home. The phone line is just not cutting it for me anymore. I have seen enough cement already. I need my pillow top mattress and those soft ears back home.

Some man arms would feel good too.

X11 siècle Église St Laurent

Roman coliseum

never found the name of this church, it was a drive by...

U of Nîmes

heading home soon xx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

je voulais voir la mer...

Juste a map, a car, a dog and some friends today. A really long road trip as far as the continent would allow. I ended up dipping my toes in the Mediterranean. It was really quiet today. I guess it is off season here. I had imagined I would see celebrities walking around but no, it was just me and the horizon.
walled city of Aigue Morte

Ste-Marie sur Mer


Caroussel / Ste-Marie sur Mer

sur Rhônes

Mother's Day

A day spent in the car with the dog in toe...

The wind was blowing very hard all day.

 I always imagined grapevines to be much larger.
 Terracotta coloured earth...
Way up to Gordes over looking the Val of Ghosts...

I had intended to share with you my trip to the only other shop here in St-Rémy that carries knitting supplies. However, to my dismay the owner was having himself a snack of La Vache Enragée and to make a long story short, I left his shop after his making a completely (in english) humiliating scene in front of the few other customers that arrived with me. That was that. It ruined my Mother's Day. I never understood why the French were generally considered to be rude and ignorant people but after today, I realize first hand that it only takes one crazy bastard like this to give a terrible impression of the Country and its Folk. Luckily, I know and love many French people, my own ancesters come from Normandie.

Que le Diable l'Emporte. Il est un trou de cul!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back from the Asylum

Well, guess who wandered off and fell into the pool yesterday afternoon? Yep, Benjy!! Scared the crap out of all of us. We had spent hours shampooing and brushing his fur all afternoon and then he goes and falls into the freezing cold pool. ??? He never does that! I think he is testing us...

Today, the house had no water during lunch because the Municipal guys are working on the street. No problem. The cleaning lady just left and we discovered a leaking pipe!! A contact person was called and a nice man named Ed is here trying to fix valves or whatever. More reason to drink!

I have this much knitting done in a week. Sad. No, pathetic but true. It is too beautiful around here to be looking at your stitches. No damn wonder there are little to no knitting shops here!

I took UmPooPoo for a really long trot this morning. We walked all around the circle of the center of St-Remy. It was lovely. I found a dog groomer. We just might bring Benjy for a professional haircut.
Misti Alpaca Sock yarn by the pool
After lunch we went to visit the Asylum where Van Gogh was committed.
Cloître St-Paul
Voici, the Asylum where Van Gogh stayed because of his mental illness. This is a famous place. Significant to me because I am a fan of his paintings and loved my time studying him and other artists in High School. Mrs. Holmes would be proud!

It is a beautiful place but somehow very very sad. However, we landed here just before the crowds arrived and the sun was just right for photos.

A statue of him holding sunflowers.

inner court yard solarium filled with roses, red, pink and yellow.
I can't stop taking pictures of flowers!! These roses remind me of Anthony in the Candy Episodes of my childhood. That cartoon defined my idea of romance.

Donna and Van
this must be le Bonhomme sept-heures
Van Gogh's actual bedroom and the famous window with view.

Again, very sad. I want to give him a hug...and thank him with hand knit socks, poor thing.

the keys...
Van Gogh's garden with rows of lavender.

Garden again, but rude as hell Chinese lady that got upset with us for asking her to stay out of our photos. Move Bitch! (I did not say that but I was thinking it real hard).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday is Market Day in St-Rémy

I was really looking forward to today which is market day here in St-Rémy. You know me, I loooove to shop!

Benjy woke us up at 5h00 am!!!!!!!!  So much for partying at night, I pass out from exhaustion. This is worse than being at home. But I am not complaining. Everything good comes at a high price.

Off we went to the Marché Publique.

peddlers galore
I found something I have been wanting for my cat Dusty. I would love to buy this and mail it to myself...I just might. I saw one of these on Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry Group for her cat. I want one it is sooo cuuuute!

A kitty basket xxx 38.50 euros
I am travelling with one gal that doesn't eat carbs and the other is allergic to gluten and I am definitely going into PASTA withdrawal BIG TIME. Donna spotted an Italian vendor selling her fresh pasta and said GO FOR IT, PET! I bought fresh honest-to-God Gnocchi and spinach ricotta ravioli today. I made the mistake of asking her for sauce... Apparently, that is blasphemy. I will never do that again. Ahem.

Did you know, anywhere you go to buy anything in France they ask you twice for the proper change. If they have to ask a second time because you hand over a 20 or something, they give you a big SIGH and a dirty look then declare out loud for everyone to hear that they have no change at all. Then, they take off with your bill and leave you standing there like a twit waiting...
They find someone somewhere with cash and return. That is just crazy.

this looked like a pastry shop but it is in fact CHEESE
Restaurant Marie
La terrasse (my kinda place!)
After we bought Artichokes, Herb Mill, Chirozo sausage, fresh Asparagus, Olives, Mesclun and Potatoes we needed a coffee. We could hear this wondeful music coming from an alley so we followed it. We arrived in Place Joseph Hilaire and there was the most amazing Maître Artisan Patissier called Michel Marshall. The desserts to die for...and the best coffee I have had EVER. The music the beckoned us was by Dos Amigos. I bought the CD.

sorry about the hair, I am still getting used to the water here
I've promised myself to come back here everyday. Next visit, we take home a dessert.

At 3pm we went to find the local knitting shop called De Fil en Aiguille La Mercerie. The owner is Gisèle Cabassud and I was amazed at how cheap the same yarns are sold here. I told her the prices back home and her jaw dropped open. Sweet lady!

We came home to bathe Benjy the stink bomber. Hopefully this will help him sleep later tomorrow.

We found Escargot on the lemon tree and a lizard has been trotting along the patio looking for bugs. My new favorite beer is 1664 or 1969 as I like to call it for a good laugh!

À demain! XXXX

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fête de la Fraise à Velleron

This morning, Benji woke us up at 6:20 am. I see no need to set my alarm tomorrow... My sister was already awake so she proceeded to unlock the patio for Monsieur Curley-poo-poo. Nope. As blind as he is, he came straight to my side of the bed and asked for me to come with him!

I've made a friend. As Len would say, I am the Shit Master.

Today is a holiday here is France. Celebration much like remembrance day is except here it means War is Over - Hurray Day.

North of St-Rémy is a town called Velleron and we headed there for the annual Strawberry Festival.

La Fête de la Fraise !
shot taken from the back seat in the 'rond point' upon arrival
We were very late arriving (starts at 8 am), nearly all the strawberries had been bought or served in glass dishes called Fraise à la Chantilly (with whipped cream) but we found a great parking slot. I am very envious of the parking laws over here. It is a free for all! They park anywhere, anyhow all the time, yeah! No Inspecteur Clouseau to been found... Along the narrow alley where we left our Picasso we came across this house. My jaw dropped. Beauté!

Within the center of Velleron (you have to climb up the cobble stone streets) was the BROCANTE. Much like our Flea Markets back home but more junk and really funky people. Everyone smells like incense.

I for one was dying for FRITES 2.50 euros and found a store front selling Saucissons à la Chipolatas Maison on a fresh 10 inch baguette for 4 euros. The food was DELICIOUS!!

After lunch, we left Velleron and took a tour of L'isle sur la Sourgue.
Here is one of the picturesque water wheels in the canal surrounded by cafés, ducks and flowers.
On the way back home to St-Rémy, we took the time to pose the Poppy Fields. I would take this field home with me if I could if it were not for the plane and everything...

Tomorrow is Market Day in St-Rémy. Sooo Excited for that. Hope to find gifts and the Mercerie where they sell yarn and craft supplies.

By the way, I do still knit...I have a sock on the go and a lace tank top I started but ripped back in true Aline style after dinner last night. I slept like a log for the first time too. Life is so damn good!
I miss you XXX