Thursday, August 2, 2012

a peek at my garden this morning

1. my garden partially planted itself this year... 4 sunflowers and one tomato plant reseeded by their onesy. i successfully transplanted 3 sunflowers along the edge and now they are a little over 5 feet tall. they make me smile. mes soldats du jardin...

2. 3.  everything has finally bushed out and the few rain spells we received lately have encouraged us all quite a bit to continue... the shade from the plant leaves have cut down the weeding and has locked-in some moisture from the rain barrel waterings. blossoms have arrived. i thought they never would.

4. the noise maker saved most of my seeds from Madame Rouge Gorge. she has made a nest nearby and she loves the garden very much. i found her perched on the cucumber trellis with a worm in her beek.

7. i captured the beauty of the morning dew on my pea leaves. what a gorgeous plant! i love this plant the most. the curley cews and shape of the leaves and now i have spotted 2 blooms...peas soon.

the shed in the back ground will someday be torn down. len wants to build a greenhouse with the recycled windows from our old cottage porch. i am very excited about this! i've always wanted a glass greenhouse. imagine the possibilities!

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