Monday, July 9, 2012

time in the garden

1. i love nothing more than drying my load of wash on the line. we have a surface well which means i need to be ever so careful of water consumption. every load needs to be planned and done first thing in the morning when the well is at its fullest. len has relocated my umbrella clothes line to the garden and this makes me happy. the neighbours can't see my undies now.

2. the garden is still in early stages. len made cute little wooden pegs around the seeds and plants and he hooked up a pump to the rainwater container with a fancy spray nosel. wow, what a difference it makes! my patty pan plant has died. and the beetles are taking over. the chickens won't come in the garden because i chased them out once...i think i will have to sacrifice my horseradish. we never harvest it and the beetles are hiding in the leaves i think...

3. the apple tree is much bigger this year! a nice place for an afternoon nap.

4. echinacea is starting to bloom. i really need to sort out that flower bed. the iris is taking over and the spirea has gone wild. the lilies are happy.

how does your garden grow?

3 comments: said...

lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Our garden is doing quite well - only because we set up a sprinkler fed from the lake to water it regularly.
Zucchini coming out our ears! Next up is fresh yellow beans, to be followed by fresh green beans. The corn is just starting to tassle now. Nothing like fresh veges from the garden. It does make a difference!
- Ros

Aline said...

we also make provision of rainwater for low rain summers and this year we are very glad we did!