Monday, July 30, 2012

Les Ciseaux de Coco : two bridesmaid dresses

from left :  the second and the fourth dresses were made by me 

my beautiful niece Melissa (center)

a peek at the skirt gathers and the beautiful bride Amy!
as promised, i wanted to share with you my big secret sewing project! McCall's M6029

my month of june was spent zigging and zagging along with mr. janome because i made two bridesmaid dresses in three weeks that i sewed at the knitting shop nonestop between customers.

i had the girls come to my knitting shop on saturdays for fittings.
i made both dresses three times. once was the muslin, the second was the fashion fabric and organza lining version which we decided was not the best choice for the lining in this case. the fashion fabric felt so soft and lovely on it's own that we decided to go with all satin and thankfully i had extra meterage to play with.

the bodices needed to be boned and tailored. i had to adjust the dress sizes without any extra fittings so i hardly slept a wink from the anxiety until the last day when VOILÀ it all came together and the girls left the shop with the dresses THE NIGHT OF THE DRESS REHERSAL.

deep breath

so now, i am sick of sewing strapless gowns.

the whole last week of sewing, all i could think of was how much i missed knitting. how happy i would be when i could cast-on something really fun. that turned out to be a lace tank top and let me tell you, it is gooooood.

my next big sewing project is a WEDDING DRESS for May 2013. i have lots of small projects to sew for myself in the meantime but in this heat, i can't seem to start. my sewing room is like 'satan's armpit'.
...but i get up early each morning to have coffee with my pups and i knit a few rows of lace before the kids spring to life.

Thanks to Amy for sharing these pictures of her beautiful wedding day so i could post this on my blog.


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