Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to the wrong *Alys*

1. Out on the town with my girls. We celebrated my birthday at Feleena's for Mexican Food and Ice Cold Margaritas!

2. Big surprise that made me cry was the BEAUTIFUL cake that Melissa made inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting! Many thanks to Donna, Melissa and Amy for hatching the idea and laboring over it for hours...too pretty to eat but it is DELICIOUS!

3. Vanilla and Gluten Free too.

4. Make a Wish! Love and Rain please...

5. My sister Donna surprised me with an Alys Fowler Gardening Book!!! I love Alys! Everything about her is beautiful and inspirational. Len laughed because he said, if you saw how Aline gardens, you would know she is no Alys... and Ivy churped up and said Mum is the Wrong Alys! (like in Alice in Wonderland when she kept insisting that she was the wrong Alice). Anywho - if you like that movie as much as WE do, you might get that humour... Oh! I am so happy!

6. My Godparents Aunt Lily and Uncle Vel made it to the party!!! So pleased to see them and William too. xoxo. We haven't posed for a photo together since my wedding. Ahem. They said I've gotten shorter.

7. I am having cake for breakfast and reading all about compost and homemade PH test using red cabbage juice, it's wonderful! Thank you for the lovely gifts. I got EARRINGS!!!! (somebody listens to me!) bath products and a Fabulous 40 mug...

I am off to go boating now...


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