Friday, June 22, 2012

Pet Priority

The minute I got home from France, our cat Dusty climbed into my suitcase to welcome me home. She is a rescue cat that we found living under the neighbours shed over a year ago and because she was covered with dust...she has since been known as Dusty. She now lives in my sewing room but can often be found napping on my bed too.

Another newcomer chez nous is ROXIE. She is a 9 month old English Bulldog we found on Kijiji. She is a pure joy. I am itching to knit her fabulous sweaters for next Fall...

I have been very busy with a huge Couture project that I will soon share with you...and thus, my wee garden has not been planted! We have a hanging basket of tomatoes and some perenials to clip and decorate the table. I'll be back soon with a new knit to show you. Have a happy weekend! Ali XXX

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