Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday is Market Day in St-Rémy

I was really looking forward to today which is market day here in St-Rémy. You know me, I loooove to shop!

Benjy woke us up at 5h00 am!!!!!!!!  So much for partying at night, I pass out from exhaustion. This is worse than being at home. But I am not complaining. Everything good comes at a high price.

Off we went to the Marché Publique.

peddlers galore
I found something I have been wanting for my cat Dusty. I would love to buy this and mail it to myself...I just might. I saw one of these on Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry Group for her cat. I want one it is sooo cuuuute!

A kitty basket xxx 38.50 euros
I am travelling with one gal that doesn't eat carbs and the other is allergic to gluten and I am definitely going into PASTA withdrawal BIG TIME. Donna spotted an Italian vendor selling her fresh pasta and said GO FOR IT, PET! I bought fresh honest-to-God Gnocchi and spinach ricotta ravioli today. I made the mistake of asking her for sauce... Apparently, that is blasphemy. I will never do that again. Ahem.

Did you know, anywhere you go to buy anything in France they ask you twice for the proper change. If they have to ask a second time because you hand over a 20 or something, they give you a big SIGH and a dirty look then declare out loud for everyone to hear that they have no change at all. Then, they take off with your bill and leave you standing there like a twit waiting...
They find someone somewhere with cash and return. That is just crazy.

this looked like a pastry shop but it is in fact CHEESE
Restaurant Marie
La terrasse (my kinda place!)
After we bought Artichokes, Herb Mill, Chirozo sausage, fresh Asparagus, Olives, Mesclun and Potatoes we needed a coffee. We could hear this wondeful music coming from an alley so we followed it. We arrived in Place Joseph Hilaire and there was the most amazing Maître Artisan Patissier called Michel Marshall. The desserts to die for...and the best coffee I have had EVER. The music the beckoned us was by Dos Amigos. I bought the CD.

sorry about the hair, I am still getting used to the water here
I've promised myself to come back here everyday. Next visit, we take home a dessert.

At 3pm we went to find the local knitting shop called De Fil en Aiguille La Mercerie. The owner is Gisèle Cabassud and I was amazed at how cheap the same yarns are sold here. I told her the prices back home and her jaw dropped open. Sweet lady!

We came home to bathe Benjy the stink bomber. Hopefully this will help him sleep later tomorrow.

We found Escargot on the lemon tree and a lizard has been trotting along the patio looking for bugs. My new favorite beer is 1664 or 1969 as I like to call it for a good laugh!

À demain! XXXX

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Anonymous said...

Quand je te lis je revis mon séjour dans cette belle région de la France. A vrai dire on n,a pas besoin d'aller bien loin pour s'éblouir.