Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

A day spent in the car with the dog in toe...

The wind was blowing very hard all day.

 I always imagined grapevines to be much larger.
 Terracotta coloured earth...
Way up to Gordes over looking the Val of Ghosts...

I had intended to share with you my trip to the only other shop here in St-Rémy that carries knitting supplies. However, to my dismay the owner was having himself a snack of La Vache Enragée and to make a long story short, I left his shop after his making a completely (in english) humiliating scene in front of the few other customers that arrived with me. That was that. It ruined my Mother's Day. I never understood why the French were generally considered to be rude and ignorant people but after today, I realize first hand that it only takes one crazy bastard like this to give a terrible impression of the Country and its Folk. Luckily, I know and love many French people, my own ancesters come from Normandie.

Que le Diable l'Emporte. Il est un trou de cul!


Ren said...

What a rotter Aline! Hope you are feeling better now after the incident. There is no need for rudeness is there, ever! Hope the rest of the visit goes well, safe journey back home to your woolly nest, Ren x

Clamille said...

Je sens que tu en auras beaucoup à me raconter à ton retour!
Clamille xoxo

Anonymous said...

Every place has at least one rude person. Their loss.
- Ros