Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kebobs and Chantilly

It is our last night here in St-Rémy with Jennifer and Benjy.

I finished knitting the pair of socks for Sue (Benjy's Mum and for whom we are house sitting).

The MISTRAL blew up good this afternoon and nearly sabotaged our last bbq. The flames were getting a little friendly with the grill handles. Good to have a pool full of water to wet the grass and cool the handles and tin foil saved the day.

The meat was a bit charded but the fresh market strawberries and whipped Crème Fleurette made up for it.

Yesterday we drove to Nîmes.

Today we passed through Avignon.

I have discovered that turning a heel and those round intersections don't mix. I felt terrible. Came home and had my last 1664 of this trip. (beer)

I must say, I am lusting for home. The phone line is just not cutting it for me anymore. I have seen enough cement already. I need my pillow top mattress and those soft ears back home.

Some man arms would feel good too.

X11 siècle Église St Laurent

Roman coliseum

never found the name of this church, it was a drive by...

U of Nîmes

heading home soon xx


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your holiday is coming to an end! I have loved the pics you've posted and your stories, too.

Have a safe journey home, my friend!!
- Ros xoxo

Clamille said...

Oh!!! J`ai hâte de te voir!
Bon retour!
Tu dois t`ennuyer des suis certaine qu`ils ont très hâte de te voir et toi de les serrer dans tes bras!
Clamille xoxo

Hilary said...

I have absolutely loved reading about your adventures and seeing the sights you've been seeing! Another blog-friend just posted a series of posts about her own European travels, so I've been lucky enough to live vicariously through two of you this month! Safe travels home...I bet your family misses you!