Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fête de la Fraise à Velleron

This morning, Benji woke us up at 6:20 am. I see no need to set my alarm tomorrow... My sister was already awake so she proceeded to unlock the patio for Monsieur Curley-poo-poo. Nope. As blind as he is, he came straight to my side of the bed and asked for me to come with him!

I've made a friend. As Len would say, I am the Shit Master.

Today is a holiday here is France. Celebration much like remembrance day is except here it means War is Over - Hurray Day.

North of St-Rémy is a town called Velleron and we headed there for the annual Strawberry Festival.

La Fête de la Fraise !
shot taken from the back seat in the 'rond point' upon arrival
We were very late arriving (starts at 8 am), nearly all the strawberries had been bought or served in glass dishes called Fraise à la Chantilly (with whipped cream) but we found a great parking slot. I am very envious of the parking laws over here. It is a free for all! They park anywhere, anyhow all the time, yeah! No Inspecteur Clouseau to been found... Along the narrow alley where we left our Picasso we came across this house. My jaw dropped. Beauté!

Within the center of Velleron (you have to climb up the cobble stone streets) was the BROCANTE. Much like our Flea Markets back home but more junk and really funky people. Everyone smells like incense.

I for one was dying for FRITES 2.50 euros and found a store front selling Saucissons à la Chipolatas Maison on a fresh 10 inch baguette for 4 euros. The food was DELICIOUS!!

After lunch, we left Velleron and took a tour of L'isle sur la Sourgue.
Here is one of the picturesque water wheels in the canal surrounded by cafés, ducks and flowers.
On the way back home to St-Rémy, we took the time to pose the Poppy Fields. I would take this field home with me if I could if it were not for the plane and everything...

Tomorrow is Market Day in St-Rémy. Sooo Excited for that. Hope to find gifts and the Mercerie where they sell yarn and craft supplies.

By the way, I do still knit...I have a sock on the go and a lace tank top I started but ripped back in true Aline style after dinner last night. I slept like a log for the first time too. Life is so damn good!
I miss you XXX


Clamille said...

Les photos sont magnifiques!!!
Je vois souvent de ses images sur les Blogs et toi tu y es! C`est super!
Clamille xoxo

Anonymous said...

Bravo pour le marché à Valleron.IL y a aussi un marché à Ile sur la Sorgue le dimanche. Mon marché préféré est celui de Coustellet.
Continue à écrire, je te lis tous les jours. Mes saluts à Donna.