Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back from the Asylum

Well, guess who wandered off and fell into the pool yesterday afternoon? Yep, Benjy!! Scared the crap out of all of us. We had spent hours shampooing and brushing his fur all afternoon and then he goes and falls into the freezing cold pool. ??? He never does that! I think he is testing us...

Today, the house had no water during lunch because the Municipal guys are working on the street. No problem. The cleaning lady just left and we discovered a leaking pipe!! A contact person was called and a nice man named Ed is here trying to fix valves or whatever. More reason to drink!

I have this much knitting done in a week. Sad. No, pathetic but true. It is too beautiful around here to be looking at your stitches. No damn wonder there are little to no knitting shops here!

I took UmPooPoo for a really long trot this morning. We walked all around the circle of the center of St-Remy. It was lovely. I found a dog groomer. We just might bring Benjy for a professional haircut.
Misti Alpaca Sock yarn by the pool
After lunch we went to visit the Asylum where Van Gogh was committed.
Cloître St-Paul
Voici, the Asylum where Van Gogh stayed because of his mental illness. This is a famous place. Significant to me because I am a fan of his paintings and loved my time studying him and other artists in High School. Mrs. Holmes would be proud!

It is a beautiful place but somehow very very sad. However, we landed here just before the crowds arrived and the sun was just right for photos.

A statue of him holding sunflowers.

inner court yard solarium filled with roses, red, pink and yellow.
I can't stop taking pictures of flowers!! These roses remind me of Anthony in the Candy Episodes of my childhood. That cartoon defined my idea of romance.

Donna and Van
this must be le Bonhomme sept-heures
Van Gogh's actual bedroom and the famous window with view.

Again, very sad. I want to give him a hug...and thank him with hand knit socks, poor thing.

the keys...
Van Gogh's garden with rows of lavender.

Garden again, but rude as hell Chinese lady that got upset with us for asking her to stay out of our photos. Move Bitch! (I did not say that but I was thinking it real hard).


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are having a great time! Hugs and kisses!!!

Clamille said...

Que de belles images! :)
Clamille xoxo

Fabienne said...

Quel séjour magnifique, je ne fais QUE regarder tes photos et je ne lis même pas les textes, que c'est beau, tu as l'air tellement heureuse, je suis vraiment contente pour toi, as-tu vu des santons (petites figurines en terre cuite pour la crêche). Cette région est superbe, bon d'accord, il y a du vent ... beaucoup de vent. Bisous, à bientôt

lookinout said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I can really imagine it.