Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creamy Cardi Love

My Creamy Swing Cardi is almost ready.

#30 Vogue Knitting Swing Cardi Summer 2007 by Margaret O'Leary

I have been hold-up for a month trying to knit every second I can to get this done for summer and if I'm lucky possibly for St-Rémy.

I am using Katia Linen which is much smaller gauge than my first Swing Cardi yarn and I've cast on the whole shebang on a 3.5mm circular needle to save myself a lot of sewing but it's taking FOREVER.

 I thought I wanted 3/4 sleeves this time around but...I knit a long sleeve just for fun to see what feels good. I've decided to go with the longer sleeve which is much more snug than the original pattern version. I am not a fan of the bell shaped sleeve of this pattern. It drives me nuts!
I added some garter stitch detailing to the wrist

It may not be easy but can you see the texture from the double decreasing? Love it! I haven't blocked this baby the bottom is rolling it's little heart out...grrr!

Here's a little trick :  I knit (just) the sleeves top down ! That way, I can fit my sleeves as I knit them. Who said you can't? This is kinda my MO.

The eyelet detail stitch looks the same knit top down. It looks complicated but is fun and easy to memorize and looks so pretty!

So glad I did because I really wasn't sure how to properly measure the sleeve length before hand. I knit the body armscye length by pinning the pieces onto my mannequin until it was the desired length which was a happy success considering the total row gauge shake up. I converted the decreases to increases for the sleeves.

I have a week left to get the bands knit!

P.s. am going into sock withdrawal BIG TIME. That's my goal, get this done and have a nice sock-knit for dessert :)

P. s. s. Thank you Ivy for modelling xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Big or stay home

photo taken from Sex in the City Fan page on Facebook
This scene from the Sex in the City episode when Carrie goes to France is my favorite. I loved all her pretty dresses in these episodes.

Big showing up because he LOVES her was epic...

All this to say, I too am taking myself to FRANCE! I leave on May 3rd. Hopefully my Linen cardi will be finished (it is taking forever).

I have never been on a plane.

So, the fact that I have to take 5 of them to go there and come back is a little overwhelming. I have studied the Air Canada and TSA website for months and I still have questions. Yikes.

On one of the Air Canada lists of special accepted carry-on items I read ''container carrying life sustaining items''....I guess that would be my knitting bag? What should I bring to knit?

I cannot believe how much preparation it takes to organize the life I am leaving behind for 3 weeks.

Ivy is taking over the shop. I have been training her for weeks. I got all the year end bookkeeping done for Len's business and mine plus income tax papers...Ugh!

Shopping for European plug adapters...???

Needed to buy luggage ...$$$

This is so exCiting!