Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goodbye Winter

On the last day winter was with us we went for a walk in the woods and to our surprise we spied our favorite summer hideway nearby. The island where we love to spend most of our afternoons BBQ-ing chicken and swimming!

The ice was still thick enough to risk it, so we hopped off the trail and carefully made our way over to the rocks. The water is very deep at this point so I was a little nervous but it was worth it. The sun was so hot that day that we took off our winter jackets and socks and touched the rocks with bare feet! (Don't try this at home)

As I write this, snow is but a memory...the geese are back to stay for a while. The ducks have dropped in too. I can no longer walk along my beloved trail for it has indeed flooded.
I made a new pair of wool felted slippers. I think I will change my pattern next time. I find they are too baggy.
I also finished a new pair of socks from the new REGIA HIGHLAND TWEED yarn I carry now. It is a 6 fadig weight sock yarn and calls for 3mm needles. I cast on 48 stitches for these. I think they look awesome with my new red tartan pjs.

I am almost finished a new cardigan... It is a new version of the SWING cardi I made before but with smaller yarn and needles. A lot of ripping going on...but I think I have an upper hand on those armhole decreases. I hope to share this with you soon! xx