Thursday, January 5, 2012

He ❤'s Habs Socks

Voilà my first finished knit project for 2012.
A smooshy pair of 80% merino superwash FÉLIX Biscotte socks in the Go Habs Go colourway for Len.
They better make the play-offs!
I don't like toe-up sock knitting. I find it very tedious. Matching the stripes meant measuring out equal parts of wool after the first heel got turned.

Don't ask me how I turned these heels. Honestly, I was roughly following a free pattern off the net for a pair of toe-up socks I found on Ravelry. I had more stitches to work with then the pattern so I just pinned back both ears and went for it.
I am getting very brave on my needles in my old age!

En tout cas, I luuurve FÉLIX sock yarn. Made in Québec Whoo HOO!
Having mowed down a whole skein of this delicious stuff, I ended up with a 12.5 cm leg after making a 72 sts size 10 men's foot. I just had to know how long of a leg you can make out of this yarn in order to sell it to skeptics. Customers see the price and raise eyebrows and shoot me sideways glances like I am ripping them off big time...but no, I don't make up the prices and remind everyone that this is QuÉbeC YARN!!! (maudit). People like to get paid in this neck of the woods. Finally something not made in CHINA. So, suck it up buttercup. We need more Québec Yarn so lets encourage it. EH.
I look forward to knitting more FÉLIX socks my favorite way, now that I know just how far I can go on the leg. It was really worth it.
And how about those resolutions? I for one want to knit more from the home stash this year. I have some fantastic projects ahead. Ali XX

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Ren said...

Me too Aline! Determinded to use up home yarns and get them organised on a proper shelf so I can actually see what I have!!! Happy new year xxxx