Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A trip back home

These two gals had a great day together!

I made a trip back home to Shawville on Monday to visit one of my beloved BFFs from High School that just moved into her new home and incidently, loves knit and crochet as much as me!

We talked, we laughed, we cried and we had lunch but we never got around to actual knitting...

We spent some time trying to take a picture of us together where you could actually see our projects...that was hilarious.

Thanks to Tracey's daughter Brianna, we finally got a picture with our WIPs when she came home from school. Thanks Bri!! xx

Happy faced dishcloth and irresistible sun hats by Tracey.

the knitting came in second to girl talk
We have decided to plan a weekend together very soon. I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shalom yoke and still not over the Hockey project

This is rather new for me to tackle 'uncharted waters' in knittingdom. I have taken a notion to knit patterns that were both written as notes for bigger gauged yarn. Not once but twice! Insert Gulp here...So not my cup of tea but the yarn was the boss of me.

I am still sulking about my Hockey Jersey. It sits in the family room waiting to be re-knit, hopefully to the proper size. Taking a little break is nice. I have been obsessing over Yoga positions and Alys Fowler gardening episodes.

At the shop, I started a Shalom that I plan on making with sleeves. I finally finished the yoke for my version of it using DK weight merino. I have been knitting then ripping for weeks now. Mad calculations and loads of scribbles in my note book. I am trying to keep track of my progress so I may provide notes for fellow ravelry folks.
So far, I think it's good but not great. Mine has four panels. I intend to have sleeves too. The whole thing should be rather fitted if things sail along.

Monday, March 7, 2011

On The Saddle

Was getting excited to be soon finished the Hybrid. I had lots of time to knit this week since HD was home with the kids and business was slow.

I got too close to someone with a bad cough and now my immune system is putting the boots to a nasty bug. I am fighting it, but it has slowed me down. I wonder how many calories you burn warding off the thyphoid? I had to give up my yoga mat temporarily this passed week since, I just can't zone out the sounds of a small house full of people and Monster Jam Stadium. So my left knee has been swollen just to remind me that I've slacked off a bit too much. Yoga seems to keep my joints happy.

I spent my Sunday swaddled in flannel by the wood stove happily snuggled under the big red thing while I worked on the first saddle. I thought it was great and fun the way the whole thing comes together so neatly. HD started to say he thought he would prefer a round neck instead of the laced V neck which was even better news. I was thinking how proud Mrs. McGowan (the last person to try to teach me math) would be to know I had managed the math it takes to knit the EPS way.

The Hybrid is so big now, I use a laundry basket to carry it around with me so the Pup doesn't get at it. The big yellow bus picked up the wee folk this morning and I faced a moment of truth. Damn that shoulder is big...
Wayyy too big in fact.  HD is swimming in there! I am too weak to be upset. I have to rip back to the sleeves and reduce the amount of their stitches to make it much smaller in the shoulders. I haven't had this much trouble with shoulders since I gave birth to my son.

So in true Bergère fashion, I am off to rip apart a weeks worth of stitches. On the bright side, way less stitches next time means faster knitting.

What else is new?

Well, Roméo is getting bigger. He learned to 'sit' for his favorite treat. The boy is crazy about carrots. He is such a smart and sweet little guy. I hope he doesn't learn how to jump onto furniture for a while though he tries and tries just to reach me and my knitting.

PS all this talk about saddles makes me want to go horseback riding.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Really Love My Sister Part II

My moto is stay away from zips in knitting after the first cardigan I knit for my Papa circa 1994 and discovered how hard it is (for me) to attach one to my knitting and be satisfied.

After 3 hours last night hand sewing the zipper closure to Ritchie's cardigan, it still looks meh in my opinion.
Anywho, it is a beautiful sweater and Ritchie loves it, appreciates all the stitches made by his Mum and tweaking by his Aunt.

I don't have the KnitPicker or snag fixer tool that Eunny Jang demonstrates in her video about turning the zipper tape into a knitted element. I think it would be fun to try if I ever find one of these tools. Note to self, check with suppliers.

Ritchie has graciously modeled the cardigan for my blog post and in return I helped him cram for his French exam. Turns out I have a decent supply of French language books even at work in my back room. I love dictionaries, it's my thing. I find that using two languages daily really screws me up and I can't spell either one but who cares.

The zip has a little bubble to it...le sigh

Ritchie says the sleeves are beautiful!

Here you can see the place where I hacked off the ribbing and added many rows of knitting in the opposite direction. This should disappear after a good blocking (she hopes)