Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still obsessed

I am scratching an itch with this one!
The solid stockinette stitch combined with fine yarn on circular needles is really flowing and I like it.
Because of the single ball of blue in my stash for this project, I had to start both sleeves simultaneously last night which seems to be a common denominator these days. The reason is, I want to use all the blue I have for the large main stripe. So I needed to get the sleeve stripes done to clear the way for the body ones.

Both sleeves are on the needles. Aren't they cute? And so glad to find enough DPNs in the house!
I have glady stitched down the hem this afternoon. I really enjoy hand stitching work. I think I was one of the March sisters in a previous life. 

What a relief! That ity bity of a curl left at the bottom was stepping on my last nerve.
It looks so crisp and clean now...I just hope it doesn't flare out on the recipient. Oh well too bad.

that awful curl is gone! The back of a chair is a great help.
I will enjoy the mindless knitting of two sleeves before I panic about the shoulders.
I have a special detail to add to the neck as well...One step at a time.

I am off to mend my twingie hip...I think I pulled something on my way down the hill on skis after lunch today. I could hardly make it back to the house at the end of our trip. Ouching all the way. Boo.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Promises Promises

Having enjoyed the warm fuzzy feeling of working on my nephews all wool stockinette stitch sweater last week, I decided to cast on another big HUGE mens pullover to keep me from succumbing to baking cookies or something.

I promised HD a Vintage style Habs (Canadiens de Montréal) hockey jersey before opening the yarn store and a promise is a promise. The ice rink at home has been such an ongoing great thing for Gage, his Dad and the dudes that join them for a match, it inspired me to try unventing a hockey jersey based on pictures of the original knit versions and EZ's Seamless Hybrid knitting formula. Wish me luck!

As it turns out, I am loving this much. It should be ready for the playoffs. HD is thrilled.

Remembering The Yarniads cool San Francisco Giants sweater last summer and how I wished I had my own sports team to knit up team-love coloured sweaters for....

I am not a hockey fan but my boys are and so game on cause I just wanna knit a sport themed sweater.

I used a Provisional Cast On to start with the intention that I would return later to knit up a cool contrasting hem at the end. A thing I've been looking forward to. I think a hem is a beautiful finishing touch. I actually find ribbed hems sort of tacky. The farther I got from the cast on, the more it curled and curled. Sort of a pain in the arse really because I kept trying to smooth it out to see my progress. HD asked me if it was always going to curl like that ??? No, no, no.... so this week, I woke up at 4 am when HD was leaving for work and decided to unpick the provisional end and start that hem already. The curl has left and it leaves me with a funny looking tube going in two customers raise their eyebrows and everyone thinks I'm either nuts or a genius for now.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lonesome Dove

On Christmas holidays, I dipped into my home stash for this yarn and fished out its corresponding pattern (Anemone Rib) from my Blue Moon Fibers Sock Club circa 2 years ago.

I've been cranking away at it...

A very cool and new technique was learned. That of cabling without a cable needle. It is all fine and dandy but I could not find my beloved 2.5 mm knit picks Dpns that fateful evening. Where did I put those? They were sharp. Bamboo is just dull enough to make me pine for those sharp metal knit picks whilst trying to pick up dropped stitches for the famous trick that is cabling without a cable needle. So far, I managed this much sock leg and then it happened.

I've become disenchanted. I find the yarn colours are pooling due to my tension and all that hard work is sort of hidden by the beauty of this colourway. So I have parked said sock in my basket to mull it over a bit.

And if that wasn't bad enough...Mon amour has been consumed by work. Something about making extra gravy...le sigh. I really wish the world wasn't so hinged on money. It buys nice yarn but when it all boils down to it, it's the time we spend making more and more of it that really sucks life's happiness...And so when I get frustrated or pissed off, I usually sacrifice a house plant. I have none left to kill so this disenchanted sock thing is coming in quite handy after all. CHOP.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plein Air - Sentier du Lac Croche

This knitter made a rather fabulous discovery over the weekend. A trip to Montpellier where I spent hours cross country skiing my way around a lake called Le Lac Croche. The trail was not groomed and I was a bit nervous of getting lost, but the dude at the lodge said to stick to the right. So I did.

I followed a fresh trail of Coyote tracks for the first 30 minutes than not a soul had passed since the last snow fall. That was where the hill appeared and half way up I couldn't climb it crisscross style any more so I took my skiis off. All alone in the bush is not the time to get plucky. I have too many things to knit before I break my bloody neck just for having fun.

The scenic view of the sides of the hill were breath taking. That huge rock loomed straight up over my head. The picture doesn't have quite the same perspective I had in that moment of awe.

At one point from the trail, I could see the lake below where HD and Gazou were catching trout for dinner.
At the very top of the hill where I rested. Thankfully!
I didn't wake up expecting to see a mountain...what a lovely surprise that was. A gift for having stopped to rest after clawing climbing up a hill on skiis.

Coming back down the other side of said hill was another escapade I hadn't expected. I was warned of the rocks and not much snow so off came the skiis again for the same reason I took them off before...

Then I saw more tracks in the snow. BIG tracks this time. Was is bear? Then the signs started to appear here and there on the trees.

Bear, Moose, Deer
Hunting 2010
Please be a Sportmen

I saw a few of these signs but nothing to say how far away from the Lodge I was. It was getting late...
Then I came to a fork in the trail. One sign for skiiers said 13 km Lac Simon to the left. So I gladly stuck to the right....then at the bottom of yet another slope I discovered a big swamp and from there had to follow Moose tracks for a while. That my dears was when I:
1. Started to whistle.
2. Wished I had thought to bring our set of walkie-talkies with us.
3. Could really use a pint and a large poutine.

Then, I heard a VTT and heaved a sigh of relief. I must be getting close to the Lodge. Now come on!

We had crossed a bridge to get to the Lake and this was the beautiful view of it from the ski trail when I finally got my courage back.
Five minutes later, I ran into another skiier that said I was almost done but watch out for the pole bridge. He broke a pole on it once. He asked me if I had seen any animal tracks like Coyote or the Linx...? Linx...!! Uhhh, was that what THAT was? Apparently, there are Moose as well. I love Moose but would definetly NOT want to meet one while skiing.

When a got to the nasty bridge, I carried my poles in my left hand only to suddenly have one foot go south and the other west...I came down quick and hard. Hurt one finger and scared the crap out of myself when I nearly fell into the drinks (never mind the poles!)

This is where I took a flip...

Next week, if weather permits, I want to try the Lac Mulet trail and I am bringing the GPS. (beer and food too)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Excited about 2011

My sister Donna found this vintage dress pattern dating back to the 40s, designed by non other than Mommy Dearest herself! When I was teenager, I used to crash at Donna's house on the weekends and watch Joan Crawford films together...this is a little tribute to the good old days. A fun fact, that she was a knitter. Who knew?
During my long weekends over the holidays, I got a bad case of startitis. Something about a new year to stir me up about a whole year of knitting ahead. I had a nice visit with my stash. Fun to see yarn in there that I bought before the shop opened.

I started a swatch for the Hockey Jersey I promised HD and one of my Blue Moon Sock Kits in the purple and green colourway still in the first 5 cm vicinity. I got the wool blanket in progress out again egged on by the fact that it would be awesome to have it on my bed at night.

At the shop, I had this sample skein of Biscotte Bella sock yarn in my stock room. I decided to crank out a pair of sockies for Pepper since skating season reminds Mums (well at least this one) of the emminent need for warm socks. This yarn is bliss I tell you! I LOVE the fact that it is from QUÉBEC no less. Fun stuff to knit. This sample works out to be stripes of water melon slices. Pink and green. Soft as a kiss. I have drooled over my friend Stéphanie's socks club projects for over a year now. A friend that is signed up to the Biscotte Sock Club. I am so tempted to join myself but time is at a premium. I can't say enough nice things about Biscotte's work and yarn. Lovelove.
In other news because of love, I have offered to fix someone else's knitting project. A rare thing indeed. It is made with Diamond Galway 100% wool which helps to urge me on because I love pure wool. It reminds me of Koonie and the gang -my flock of sheep from the Bergerie days.

I unpicked the ribbing all around the sweater and will proceed to add a little more than a decimetre of rows to fit my dear nephew Ritchie. That in between INVENTORY (ugh!) and serving customers of which keeps increasing, yay! No knitting lessons until the inventory gets counted. I just might explode. And NO, I do not take in peoples knitting to finish. This is a special occasion so don't get any funny ideas people ;)
I have enjoyed reading blogger resolutions for 2011.

I have an idea or two of my own, mainly, I would love to get my body to stretch like it used to when I was a dancer. I have also taken up Yoga and would love to find a class that works with my schedule but for now, I do it alone. Much more biking this Spring and Summer and enjoy my skiis NOW!