Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scott Pilgrim's Sock a. k. a. R I P

I thought I would never be finished knitting this pair of socks. After the first sock was knit I then realized my son's ankles had really grown since last year. R I P.
Cast on more stitches and knit another version. This time, the heel was still too small. R I P.
A third time around the Dpns, I made a ridiculously long heel flap that gave me an insane amount of extra stitches to be decreased to the original 72 stitches which seems like an awful lot of stitches for a kid in the first place. BUT, I must face the facts. My kids are all bigger and taller than me now. When they wake up in the morning and I look up to ask them if they slept occurs to me they could physically be making their own sandwiches at 6 am...!
Anywho, I kept knitting too far ahead for the toe decreases. Ah! his feet are still boy length (Thank God).
R I P.
Had a beer to unwind and missed a decrease or two.
R I P. Geez Louise!
Ended up leaving more than my usual amount of stitches to be grafted shut at the end since my recipe looks pointy on his slammed-shut-sponge-Bob-square-style feet.
They are done! The colourway has sorta grown on me by now. I do love orange and have a new thing for yellow yarn these days and have always luuurved charcoal so...what to name this project? To me, they look like something Scott Pilgrim would wear and that cracks me up. I am just happy they are done.
Ali xx


Jean said...

Had to laugh, your presentation was quite comical. The things we do for love. The colorway is perfect - especially kid friendly.

Clamille said...

Ils sont beaux Aline tes bas! C`est vrai que les enfants grandissent TROP vite!!!!J`aime en faire des bas maintenant grace à ton patron! ;)Merci!
Clamille xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That brings back fun memories of a baby blanket I made... I skipped two rows of pattern by mistake and ended up having to RIP back five completed rows to fix it. Each row had 300+ stitches and I had to RIP it back one stitch at a time. I think by the end I was cussing up a storm and sending dark looks at anyone who dared come up and interrupt me. Something like two hours later, I was back on track. It was a real love/hate relationship.
- Ros