Saturday, December 10, 2011


There it is...a week of my knitting worth...

I cast aside my sock knitting to make a few sample scarves for the heaps of Newbie Scarf Knitters to gaze-at, paw and entice. I must say, for all my grumbling about this yarn fad it sure has given me alot of business. Selling this yarn has really put me on the map. Knitters are f r a n t i c a l l y trying to find as many colours as possible and thus the word gets around fast that my shop exists. Even non-knitters are dropping in to buy yarn for their busy spouse or friend. It feels good to be too busy to eat my lunch must days.

I still get really excited everytime I sell an actual ball of other yarn though. I go home and gush about the 2 balls of sock yarn that found a good home.

Inventory looms on the horizon too...I may or may not close for a few hours before January to count...

Patterns are on sale at 50% until the end of the year too. I still sell very few...don't know what's up with that. I might use the magazine rack for yarn instead next year. Nobody will notice???

I am getting over the virus that just-about-got-me in November and am enjoying the sudden urge to sew again. I am loving my new sewing room! I bought some wool blend tweed for a new skirt and some cute tartan voile for another one. I've taped some patterns to the wall for mood. My drooling over CABBAGES AND ROSES has really inspired me and the price of their clothing line has propelled me not to mention the bleakness that is my wardrobe. Speaking of which, my wardrobe spit out my missing Sir Swing Cardi last week. After I ordered yarn to re-knit the thing, I found it hanging off the end of a hook in the darkness. What a stroke of luck. I love that sweater.

Christmas treats and gifts are all hidden which leaves me one last free Monday to myself before the big hurrah. It happens to be Len's birthday...I was gonna bake my heart out anyway. I really hope everyone stays safe and healthy into the new year.



lookinout said...

Joyeux Noël! Prosperité et santé. J'aime bien te lire.


Aline said...

Ah ! merci Gillian et je te souhaite de même ma chère! xx

Hilary said...

Why, oh why, did I click on that Cabbages and Roses link?! I had to close it immediately after looking at the pocketbook would hate me!

That's so funny about the yarn and seeing what people get excited about. But being busy at the shop is great!!

Have fun baking!