Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snowflakes in my spider webs

With summer ending and the twists and turns of a few weeks passing, I've been off the blog. Sorry about that.

You see, it's my fifth time in grade 4. I know. Let me tell you that it still kicks me hard in the hind parts.
The homework!

I worked that grade twice myself, and now I am coaching my third wee folk through it and it really eats up my energy in the evenings. Gazou is not a happy scholar like his older sister. Cripes! I've reinacted the scene from the Exorcise at least twice (where the head turns around...) School keeps calling to ask me to discuss progress reports and I kinda resent that at this point. Let's just get through this without taking up half my day off every other week please. People don't realize that self employed adults actually don't get paid time off to run around to meetings. Obviously...

Anywho, I have been knitting. Non stop really. But, with very little to show for it. That's my Motto!

The 100% Wool blanket is still in pieces in a bag by my bedside. There it will lay, I'm afraid until new years, since Christmas is GASP so close I can smell it. Those commercials are really bothersome!

I wanted to make Tiny Owl Knit gifts this year for my loved ones. Let's pray.

-Hey, I wonder if the 100% wool blanket warrants me the right to put up the cool Wovember button from Needled? I am coveting all of Kates clothes, accessories and landscape. Swoon!

The shop has been a steady stream of frilly scarf knitters. I am a bit sad this yarn was born. I hate it with a growing passion but as my sister reminds me, it pays the rent! Where are all the Wool lovers, eh? Did I open my store in the wrong country? I am beginning to wonder about this. And the frilly scarf yarn keeps expanding...I've had to put other yarn on sale to make room for the Polyester sparkly ribbons...makes a country girl wanna run for the hills.

In any case, I am happily designing a cat hat for Chloé at the moment and it is on the third lap around my circular needles. I think I have the size to fit her wee head now. I did not swatch. Could be why it is slow going. The Tweedy Dog Coat is half way there. I can't wait to show you! Pistou will be a picture of Sherlock!

It was my sweet sister Donna's birthday last weekend and she dropped hints about being in the need of a new Great Gatsby Headband. The first one was stolen lost in the move to her new home. I tried my new Baby Alpaca Cashmire yarn for this very special occasion. One skein is exactly the right amount needed to have enough for a crocheted flower on the side like the first one I made. Let me tell you, the Sandnes Kashmir is so wonderful! I'm not bitter.

Chloé is modeling Great Gatsby III

Halloween was here too....

A Cereal Killer

A wanted dead or alive cowboy

Things are shuffling around the hearth these days. Ivy has been staying with friends while attending a new school which means the master bedroom stands empty. She has high high hopes of her own rented place soon. I hope it all works out. She survived a car crash a few weeks ago so that puts everything else she wants to do into a less scary perspective for old Mum.

Len declared it was high time we redecorate the house (thank God!) and he even had the brilliant idea of offering me a sewing room. Everyone jumps one door down and gets new paint colour and a new bed, the works. I am so excited about having an extra room for my crafts and storage. purrrr....


Sel and Poivre said...

The demands of motherhood can, at certain stages, hit with such force can't they? 'Glad to hear all is generally well though!

Brendaknits said...

Those homework stories make me glad my children are all grown up.

Fabienne said...

Wow les belles photos d'halloween, j'aime les costumes et ton headband est vraiment sympa, la fleur et puis avec ça les oreilles sont bien au chaud ! Ma pauvre Aline, tu as pas mal de difficulté avec les devoirs, je te comprends, c'est difficile mais tu es bonne, lâche pas !
Dis moi, as-tu une aiguille circulaire 16 inch 4.5 (7) dans ta très belle boutique, c'est pour faire un bonnet.
Bonne soirée Aline, tu le mérites. xxx

Hilary said...

A sewing room?! Lucky girl!!! That's just awesome.

And I laughed out loud about the frilly scarf knitters and sparkly ribbon!

Glad to hear all is well besides the frustrations of grade 4...and the sparkly ribbon.

Clamille said...

J`aime ta nouvelle page! Les photos sont superbe!!!
Jolis déguisements! J`espère que ça se placera pour les devoirs! Ce n`est pas facile...
Joli le bandeau et partique en plus! ;)
Bonne journée!
Cé xoxo

Aline said...

Merci les amies...thanks for dropping by to make me smile!