Monday, November 14, 2011

The Kissy Kat Hat

I think I knit this three times before I was satistfied with the tension and snug fit Chloé requested. It is made of a DK weight pure Alpaca in a natural beige on 3.5 mm circulars and Dpns with some 100% Angora embroidered into the ears that were stitched seperately then sewn onto the crown. (I think the positioning is ok). I used the same ears for Mr. Fox of Tiny Owl Knits design. They fit purr-fectly!

It was tricky placing the ear flaps. I made those first than cast-on the remaining stitches needed for the ribbing. The braids were the finishing touch. I do want to reknit this pattern and pin down my notes for Ravely. Maybe after Christmas.

P.s. no more thumps in the night! :) We moved the creepy commode away from the chilly corner and it sleeps through the night. Gage has moved into his new room as well. His Papa made his bed from a tree the beavers had cut-down last year. Very cool Canadian bed! Now I want to knit a throw with beavers in lumberjack colours.

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Hilary said...

What a cute hat!

Glad to hear the paranormal activity has calmed down. :) And you HAVE to knit a beaver blanket for Gage's bed! That would be too perfect!