Sunday, November 13, 2011

Creepy Commode

What old house doesn't make noise at this time of year? The change in temperature makes the siding ping and the nails shrink in the walls...

Chloé has been settling into her new b i g bedroom. Realllly diggin' the space and the double bed and the two windows and all that space and the bookshelf and all that space!

In that room are our old bedside tables on casters with three drawers we bought about 15 years ago. These tables were actually office furniture made of cheap pressed wood. Len assembled them and I suspect he tightened the screws more on one than the other because the one on his side of the bed has periodically made noises at night.

The odd tapping; the odd crack sound that would wake us up or freak me out thinking there was a mouse inside.

Anyways, those tables are in the master bedroom now and it's Chloé's turn to occupy it and two nights ago she heard Knock....Knock................KNOCK coming from one of the tables.

The third knock sent her flying into our room. I was still reading. Her eyes were bulging and her heart was racing. Papa said 'sleep here with us tonight'. Without a second of hesitation she was under the covers between us and thank god for the seam of our mattress or else I would have had no place to sleep at all.

I tried to explain to her that the corner where the table sits is the coldest corner of the house and that makes the wood shift and she replied ' Yeah, I know Mum, it's called paranormal activity!'


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Anonymous said...

OMG! That was too funny!!! Been there, done that (myself, not my boys).
- CracklinRosi