Tuesday, October 11, 2011

indian summer

Our weekend weather was something else. I was a little upset about having promised and arranged a big festive meal on Sunday since it was too gorgeous to be rolling, basting and simmering but we managed. So when Len declared we were hitting the road on Monday, I think I was the first one in the car. We packed our portable bbq and some food and headed to the cottage for the day. I headed to the lake for a bottle of water to wash my hands and found the water level so low that I could only collect a half container of the stuff without getting my feet wet. The sand is now covered with leaves.

The cottage neighbour was there and to my complete surprise handed me my lost camera that I had forgotten on the beach back in August. So happy to have the vacation pictures I took that day of fish admiring my toes ...

Frank the cat and Romeo the pup hanging around the deck while I knit the blue hoodie.

Our last day of swimming in August. My two pirates afloat...
The bag says Minit Lite...they lied, it took me at least 10 minutes of holding a flame to the briquettes to get lunch going yesterday. The breeze did not help I think.
We took the long scenic route home through La Montagne Noir and ended up on the River road in Mayo. The trees are all putting on the ritz. I am thankful for the best summer of my life.



Sel and Poivre said...

How fun to revisit "lost" photos of your summer...thanks for sharing them with us!

Aline said...

a very good thanksgiving was had indeed. I love my little camera and was a little *lost* without it!