Tuesday, September 13, 2011

so *I love Mondays* are back

My first Monday. It was blissful. I had a partial day *all to myself* and I enjoyed every minute of it. Time to bask in the sun of a surprisingly hot summer day with high wind. Clothes washed and flapping on the line.

I went for a bike ride. I don't care anymore how *unsafe* it is to risk getting assaulted by a farmers dog or a stone shot from a transport truck. Or heart bruised by the sight of a dead turtle and duck or worse, the smell of decomp from the ditch. I live along a busy highway and c'est la vie.  I just want to ride again. I want to spend hours everyday like I did 18 years ago.
I am just a busy mom that needs to put things right.

After that bit of fun, I headed to the garden. Harvested my italian tomatoes. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with my own garden fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions. I plan on herbs for winter windowsill harvesting soon. I think chives, tyme and oregano for sure.

I've been using HD's Nikon. Playing with the buttons and settings. I found a cool culinary setting for photographing food. Great! So now, I've decide to have With Julia segments on my blog for my new recipes. A girl does not live on Stitch Alone.
heading to the pot and freezer with these

We are enjoying a tomato glut as Alys would say. The way I deal with this is wash and pop tomatoes in a freezer bag and le tour est joué. When you unthaw tomatoes, the skin comes off like a sock and no need to fuss. I have some bike riding to do remember?

Do you believe in ghosts? I do. The good ones like when my parents pop over from the other side to visit me. Three weeks ago, I came into the empty house from the back yard with the wee folk behind me and I stopped in my tracks. I could smell my Dad was or had been there. His freshly soap scrubbed skin scent that was in every hug from him, every kiss goodnight on his favorite blue sweater, his ball cap. I stopped and turned toward the kids. They all stopped too. I asked *do you smell that?* They both said *yes!* I said *grandpa's here!* We hugged the dog because we suspect how much he (Dad) would have loved him too.

When in the garden together, Ivy remembered how much my Dad loved to eat fried green tomatoes. She said she found a recipe on the internet and so we discovered it was delicious with salmon cakes.

My weekend knitting was rather dull. I finished the Blue Michael Kors hoodie but need to fix the sleeves and tack in the ends before I share here. Instead, I untangled yards and yards of beautiful sock yarn for an elderly customer...almost done. Never again. What a time sucking job.
I ditched the tangled mess for my apron and my old copy of Five Roses cook book. I made a batch of Pâte feuilletée. Buttery pastry that I have decided is my favorite crust ever. The butter makes it scorch easily and I have yet to fine tune the cooking time but it melts in your mouth and was perfect for *pette de soeurs* and cherry pie. Do you see the tiny porcelain cup? Another revelation. The perfect amount of chilled water needed for pie dough.
Also, my new tea pot gleaned at the farmers market.

I am almost done reading my Julie & Julia novel by Julie Powell. Wouldn't you know? I read the part about the 911 day she spent the night before the 10th anniversary. Weird. I am SO excited because my next book is looming on the night stand. I almost kiss it goodnight, I can't wait to sink into my feather pillow with it. A special beloved belated birthday gift. Another book about Julia's Life. Le sigh...


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nicole said...

My, you have been busy with so many lovely things, haven't you. I loved the story about your dad. Good ghost, indeed!