Thursday, August 11, 2011

no news is good news

I've picked a fine time to close up my shop and be home. My wee garden is being so generous or maybe I have been smart and planted just enough of the right things.
Every other day, I get up early and pick a basket full of 'Haricots' (I luuurve that french word!). We have enough for sometimes both meals of the day.

Along with that, my one plant each of patty pan and green zuccini give me just enough each day for the pair of us that eat them with gusto bbqed with a stroke of olive oil or rib sauce.

I top my morning cereal with this delicacy. I love my fruit pre-packaged! Only one strawberry today. I share them with the birds, I think.
My one water melon plant has grown to monstrous proportions. So glad I only planted the one. SHEESH! The leaves are spectacularly beautiful therefore, I will forgive it for being a bossy thing. I love leaves of all kinds. I can sit and observe them for hours they are so perfect and pretty. Underneath all that mass of gorgeous greeny blue is ONE little melon. I have been snipping off blooms to encourage him.

I almost missed photographing my lovely Coneflowers this year. I did in fact loose my camera after all and had to borrow one to take these pics today. My purple coneflowers have surprised me with their parfum that greets me when I open the back door to the garden.
More about knitting later...