Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pssss...over here!

First of all, I am so glad to say I found my camera. I had accidently packed it away in my suitcase and didn't come across it until I pulled it out to pack up again. Soooo glad to have it back!

I knocked off two pairs of socks since the camera went A-wall.

Regia Jazz colourway knit on bamboo 2.5 mm Dpns for my niece Melissa. I really hope she gets a job in Ottawa and these will be her welcome back socks. If not, I will mail them to wherever she goes. These are a bit long on my feet but I am modelling them here with the help of Romeo the Pup. He was using that patch of sun I guess.

With bags packed, I went to stay with my best friend Tracey for the weekend. I finished my second pair of sockies while I was waited on hand and foot. She is such an excellent host! This pair is Socks that Rock Medium weight merino knit on 2.5 mm bamboo Dpns. They are a wee bit baggy around the ankles but Oh-So-Comfy and purrrdy, I do not complain.

I got home Sunday afternoon to find my garden had busted a move and produced the first cuke, zuccinis, squash, ground cherries and snap beans. I have cooked with our onions this week too.

I planted giant sunflowers for atmosphere and surprise, surprise, there was a patty pan squash seed that was used instead...

I was wondering how my sunflower was managing to look like a zuccini there for a minute until I spotted the pretty little yellow disk under the leaves. I really want to try these!! I am sad I didn't remember I have these seeds and plant more. But it is a pleasant surprise.

I have had a good snack of three coloured beans. Yellow, green and purple.

Another first for my wee garden are ground cherries. I tasted these for the first time last August on vacation and decided to grow some this year. My first ripe parcels arrived Sunday and they were delicious (we found 2).

I have started a Drops winter cotton yarn cardigan in a soft shade a blue. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting...I am on vacation and hope to get alot of things done. Our Pup is doing very well. He asks for the door!! I found a Québec dog food that he likes and it has given his coat a luster. He roams the house all day without too much fuss. He still likes to eat lego and kleenex but has been mostly playing with his own toys. I am very pleased.

The shop vacation hours are working out very well. I have been busy on the Tuesdays I spend at the shop. I am glad so many knitters need my services despite the heat. I get tourists and locals and lots of new comers are still finding the place. Things are very well. The fresh baked fall yarns are heading to Main Street at the end of August, I am sooo excited!



Fabienne said...

Ton jardin potager est magnifique, je ne connais pas les haricots violets, ont-ils le même goût que les autres ?
Bravo pour les chaussettes, et en plus tu as un nouveau projet tricot ... Youpi ! Je suis contente que la boutique attire de nouvelle cliente, tu le mérites.
Je pars au soccer avec Juliette et j'en profite pour tricoter un peu ...

Donna said...

Aline, Aline quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With purple beans and patty pans
Sunflowers all in a row!
Your garden really did explode since your birthday party.

Hilary said...

Cute socks! That particular green of the second pair makes me SWOON! Glad you found your camera...and VERY glad things at the shop are going so well!