Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun day just for me

Upon my birthday earlier this month, I asked Chloé to take photos of the Bbq we had in the garden. My instructions were 'take lots of pictures of the whole party for the blog'. Too bad some were blurry and not all the guests were captured except her Mum, the dessert and the dogs...hmm. I finally got around to uploading these. I had to sift through numerous pet photos to find these on that camera...

The unofficial theme of my party was Julie/Julia Project. I loved that movie and desperately wanted my own copy of it. I think my people got the drift and hints... Ivy gifted me that DVD starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep and my Sister Donna gave me the book My Life In France by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme. Just in time because I was without a new book for about a week.

Growing up with a birthday in early July in the country always meant strawberries and cream. So again this year, I bought fresh berries from the farmer's market early that Saturday morning before work to make it official.
Chloé and 'Peet' aka Romeo our new pup

At the party, our new pup met Poonie for the first time. It went well. I think Poonie thought he was a bit much.

I wasn't expecting the pup to be petrified of our tiny guests, Harley and Liliana. He had to be put to bed early for anti-social behavior.
 Chloé did all the decorating of the Gazibo while I was at the shop. She filled recycled jars with wild flowers and garden varieties.

I am wearing the necklace
Tracey gave me in this picturexx
Our meal was sun-dried tomato marinated chicken and porc kebobs. Corn on the cob. Salads. And for dessert chocolat cake and cream puffs. All homemade. We had frozen margueritas for cocktail hour.
my cake decorated with stella oro lilies; the kids loved eating real flowers on the cake!

gluten-free pastry on the left for my Sister;
regular pastry on the right for the cream puffs

Poonie came for my birthday xx

while grilling the meat, here you catch a glimpse
of the bracelet Tracey gave me, it's orange beads and I love it!
I don't like cake but I made one so the kids would sing. Harley tried her best at blowing out all the candles. Good thing I didn't have 39 of them. I had to help her put them out.

We spent the evening looking at knitting magazines.

Thank you Ritchie and Megan for the bottle of Merlot and Len for the comfy deck chair. A special thank you to Tracey for driving all that way to give me orange jewelry and a hug.

Aline xxx


Holly said...

Happy birthday! You are all ridiculously cute. Even your dogs.

Have you read Julie Powell's books, too? She is fantastic.

Fabienne said...

Quel BBQ appétissant ... Je te souhaite un très bon anniversaire, tu es très belle avec ton tablier et la déco du gâteau est sympathique. Je te souhaite est bel été, à bientôt,
Fabienne xx

Jean said...

So glad to see you still get visits from Pounie, such a doll. Looks like you had a great time, such pretty daughters too! How is the new puppy, is he getting to visit with lots of people? Wish I could head up to Canada to visit your shop, California is so far away! Bon Anniversaire!

Clamille said...

Tu sembles avoir eu du bon temps avec ceux et celles que tu aimes bien et tu le mérites!!!! Tout est Champêtre et j`aime beaucoup! Tout simple et siiiiii beau!!!!
Bonne journée!
Cé xoxo

nicole said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like you had a lovely day.