Friday, June 24, 2011

D'accord, on se fait des bas !

If making your dream come true and opening your own yarn store gets old....ha ha! Not to worry because unexpectedly, you meet some fabulous people in person and make friends too.

One such lady is Clomaille or more affectionately known to me as Cé has come to my rescue this week*

After THE Graduation Dress and mother-of-girl-graduating Skirt and Blouse project, I feel like I just gave birth to twins or something.
The lady in pink is moi and this is my Burda silk skirt and my own designed Floral Printed Georgette blouse

 For two days, among all that yarn, I sat in my shop without so much as an inkling as to my next bit of stitchery.  Ravelry isn't even doing it for me. I think its terminal... I visited my queue and actually deleted stuff. Ack!
My favorites list only bounced me off in other directions which led me to visit blogs I really think are amazing and reading stories about life that I can't put down or uh switch off...I think I needed that.

My wee folk both had school trips this passed week. Oh the stress of it.... Chloé was going to 'Calypso' which to me is the emotional equivalent of sending my kid alone on a iffy plane to Europe for the day. The only supervision being a head count before lift off and there actually was an emergency episode. I got home from work to a message on the machine from the School Secretary from Hell...this woman has freaked me out so many times this year, I acutally complained. The message said, something has happened, please call the school, click.

ARRRG! The school is CLOSED by the time I get home you *&$%?*?@!!! And yes, she DOES have my work number. I could wring her bloody neck. In fact, if she is there next year, I am drugging her with brownies and tatooing my work number backwards to her forehead!

Anywho, Chloé was fine, the bus was just really late bringing them all home because 3 kids were 'missing' for over an hour at leaving time but were found. No body was hanging from a meat hook which is EXACTLY what my mind flashes to me when I get a call from said School Secretary...Sheesh!

I volunteered to accompany Gage on his trip to Cosmic Adventure (truth be told they black mailed me and made it a Monday) and that's when *Cé came to my rescue. She proposed we knit a pair of socks at the same time this week. A little Regia-Love KAL I could bring with me for that day of none-stop-screaming. Perfect! Knitting a plain recipe sock is JUST what I need to sooth my nerves. Making them for my niece Missy because she came to visit me this week and she picked the yarn. The KAL made it official and I so needed someone to inspire me, merci Cé!

That and some fabulous flowers from my garden, cultivated and the wild....
merci Mon Amour et Je t'aime xx

Today is a big party here in Québec. The Boutique is closed for Holiday. It is pouring rain outside so no partying can actually take place. Thus, I have hatched a plan to visit my Vogue Collection Cupboard after blogging. That's where my knitting mojo likes to hide from time to time. I know he will be glad to see me again. XX


Brendaknits said...

You have re-defined the word stressed. Hope your world calms down soon.

Fabienne said...

Ma pauvre, que de stress, je n'aime pas non plus les sorties à la Calypso, heureusement,cette année, aucun de mes Ticuls n'y allaient !
Des chaussettes, et bien pourquoi pas, il faudrait que j'essaye, un jour ...