Friday, June 17, 2011

Chez Nous

These roses grow abundantly at our house. We transplanted a few shoots from the back of the property to our immediate yard. In the morning, I admire these beautiful roses with my coffee and paper. The aroma is intoxicating.

Two years ago, a friend moved and she gave me a day-lily to remember her. I have since separated the mother plant and given some to loved ones to remember me! This is my first bloom of the year. So pretty and edible. Fresh blooms every day for weeks.

One of my favorite date-nights is going to Montebello on a summers evening. We eat at the Zouk pub and have soft ice cream at the crèmerie across the street. Beside the Crèmerie is a B&B and I just love and look forward to admiring its garden. It has an old shed that is seeping into the ground with big trees for shade and garden seats throughout for guests. The plants wrap around the yard. There are well-weathered planters overflowing with flowers and herbs here and there. It's so pretty.

One such evening, I noticed the owner was in the yard so, I went over to say hello and tell her how much I admire her garden each time we visit. She was so pleased, she gave me an Iris plant! From this one bulb, this year I have over 40 blooms!
Now, it is my turn to give some. Ah the joys of gardening.

When our Nephew Daniel bought his first house, he asked me if I wanted the perenials he had no intention of keeping....! The burgundy peony did not appreciate the eviction, however, I have coaxed it back to life. This is my first rather sparse but unconditionally loved bloom.

Finally, a shrub that I bought last year from the Rossignol Nursery. It survived the first winter in my new rock bed along the driveway.

What's growing with you?


Donna said...

I should come and get some roses and the mockorange looks lovely.

Donna C said...

it was very nice to meet you Saturday and see your shop!
Would love to see pic of the finished dress..
do you have a knit night or afternoon?
Donna (another Donna)