Friday, May 13, 2011

Les Ciseaux de Coco : le corsage

In hommage to Coco Chanel and her scissors....I've decided to devote my sewing posts to the subtitle: Les Ciseaux de Coco for my sewing project posts.

Knitting is my main thing but I love pretty clothes and am rather crazy about fashion and Haute Couture. I take fits to sew now and then and my recent reading about Coco Chanel's life, the documentary Signé Chanel and Valentino the Last Emperor has me dreaming like a giddy school girl about hand stitching, ruffles and strappy sandals.

So far, about 7 hours of couture have been invested in Ivy's graduation dress project.

So, time to get to the 'bones' of the corset I am making to support the strapless bustier. The cotton blend lining that comes in direct contact with skin, has tiny dots on a white background from my stash of fabrics. A silver organza triple lining to secure the boning and molded cups. I picked thin breatheable fabric for the layers. I imagine late June will be warm weather that Ivy might not yet be acclimatized to.
Placing the molded cups proved to be the hardest part.

this is the corset with hand stitched seams and a spontaneous tulle frill waiting for the fashion fabric layer.

fitting the lining, zipper and crinoline placement

I was nervous about messing up the boning part of the dress. I have been gleaning all sorts of ideas on YouTube and websites galore. Building up my courage to tackle this part of dress making. As it turns out, I loved this part of the project.

It was easy and so effective! I pinned the bustier lining to Ivy and from there, it was clear as to where the bones needed to be placed and lots of them. No need to knock myself out transferring pattern lines...Neh...just do it! I am using close to a meter of nylon Rigilene boning but I am definitely going to order some steel boning for future projects. This is to me, fun sewing at it's best.


nicole said...

What a labour of love. I think it's wonderful that you take your talents and passion and bless your family with such lovely things. I can't wait to see the results.

Hilary said...

I can't wait to see more of this! You are such a couturiere...I am very impressed! And congrats on finishing the hockey jersey!! It looks fantastic. I know nothing about hockey or who is in the playoffs besides our local team (which I keep hearing about from the baseball commentators!), but I hope your team is still in it!

Fabienne said...

Quel travail, un bustier ce n'est pas facile à réaliser. J'aime beaucoup le tissus des petits pois noirs, bonne continuation et à bientôt.