Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Les Ciseaux de Coco : le bustier et la jupe en pièce

I couldn't help a little happy dance late Monday afternoon...

I felt like Cinderella's Mice when I stood back to admire this Monday's advancement of the Grad Dress Project. I didn't know I had it in me!

Here is a photo of the bustier and the skirt basted together for a final fitting. I have pinned the pieces over top my dress form to take a photo. I realize, it is a little wonky looking but the real thing will be plumb perfect, trust me. The black ribbon is quickly tied to give the general idea of the dress design. Thus, the cat is let out of the bag...
I have another crinoline slip to make next week. The skirt apparently doesn't 'pouf' enough with just one layer. I died a thousand deaths just thinking about unstitching the current crinoline I've applied to the slip. I took another look at the tutorial I followed to make the crinoline and there I was relieved to be told that I could make a second crinoline to layer over the first which makes a bigger 'pouf' effect. I didn't put 24 hours of my time in this to disappoint in any way. HD thinks I've gone mad...

Here's what's left on my list:

Unbaste and Stitch the 4 layers of the bustier together;
Sew in Zipper closure;
May or may not add an anti-slip strip at the top of bustier;
Add ribbon belt;
Hem Taffeta skirt by hand;
The second Crinoline to make;
Attach all layers of skirt to bustier.

Once I get all this done, I will proceed to make myself an outfit for the big night, my skirt muslin is ready. I'll be wearing a burlap bag if this dress takes too long...but Ivy will be gorgeous!


elisabeth said...

Simply beautiful! You did very good! Ivy will be the belle of the ball! Elisabeth

Donna said...

Just gorgeous, you are sooo talented! A silk charmeuse fabric in off white with black polka dots would make a great dress for you.

Clamille said...

Wow!!! Quel beau travail!!!
Ivy doit en être ravie!
Clamille xoxo

Fabienne said...

C'est très joli, c'est vrai que cela manque de volume, allez, au travail, cette robe, style année 50 revampée sera superbe et ta fille magnifique.
Bon dimanche, Fabienne