Monday, April 18, 2011

The Big Red Thing in the Playoffs

So this is me on a Saturday Night watching a favorite show the 'Edible Garden' while hovering over the shoulders of the Big Red Thing a.k.a. the Vintage Hockey Jersey take II. While the game was being watched on the big screen in the family room, I am happily tucked into bed with my knitting and smaller tv.
HD tried it on for size that afternoon and the sleeves seemed to fit and this is me crossing both fingers and toes that I nailed it this time. Gosh, I really want to finish this in time for the Stanley Cup!

It's HUGE! You can barely see me under it while I work on it.

FYI :: I am sitting on my Mum's version of the Log Cabin Quilt she made of polyester fabrics years and years ago. It's a piece of art in my opinion.

My Mum loved to do things her way. Quilts are supposed to be made of cotton right? So she made one out of polyester just to prove it can be done. Wicked vintage patterned fabrics too. Stuff I can't imagine anyone would wear but must have, yikes. Unlike my cotton quilts, this one,will last forever, I think. It's a prized possession.

And just so you know, the Montreal team has won every game during my knitting on this pullover. Coincidence? I don't think so!


Sel and Poivre said...

'Spoken like a tried and true Habs fan!

Clamille said...

Haaaaa....tu vas en voir la fin bientôt mon amie!!! ;) Courage!
C xoxo

Fabienne said...

Let's Go Aline, Let's Go !!
J'espère que tu auras plus de chance que les Canadiens ...
Je suis avec toi,