Monday, March 7, 2011

On The Saddle

Was getting excited to be soon finished the Hybrid. I had lots of time to knit this week since HD was home with the kids and business was slow.

I got too close to someone with a bad cough and now my immune system is putting the boots to a nasty bug. I am fighting it, but it has slowed me down. I wonder how many calories you burn warding off the thyphoid? I had to give up my yoga mat temporarily this passed week since, I just can't zone out the sounds of a small house full of people and Monster Jam Stadium. So my left knee has been swollen just to remind me that I've slacked off a bit too much. Yoga seems to keep my joints happy.

I spent my Sunday swaddled in flannel by the wood stove happily snuggled under the big red thing while I worked on the first saddle. I thought it was great and fun the way the whole thing comes together so neatly. HD started to say he thought he would prefer a round neck instead of the laced V neck which was even better news. I was thinking how proud Mrs. McGowan (the last person to try to teach me math) would be to know I had managed the math it takes to knit the EPS way.

The Hybrid is so big now, I use a laundry basket to carry it around with me so the Pup doesn't get at it. The big yellow bus picked up the wee folk this morning and I faced a moment of truth. Damn that shoulder is big...
Wayyy too big in fact.  HD is swimming in there! I am too weak to be upset. I have to rip back to the sleeves and reduce the amount of their stitches to make it much smaller in the shoulders. I haven't had this much trouble with shoulders since I gave birth to my son.

So in true Bergère fashion, I am off to rip apart a weeks worth of stitches. On the bright side, way less stitches next time means faster knitting.

What else is new?

Well, Roméo is getting bigger. He learned to 'sit' for his favorite treat. The boy is crazy about carrots. He is such a smart and sweet little guy. I hope he doesn't learn how to jump onto furniture for a while though he tries and tries just to reach me and my knitting.

PS all this talk about saddles makes me want to go horseback riding.


lookinout said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. Romeo's cute. Mine likes celery as well as carrots and I can give him a chunk of either to chew on.

Clamille said...

Ohhh....j`espère que tu vas mieux.... :(
Il sera très joli le pull de ton homme!!!
Bonne journée!
Clamille xoxo

Hilary said...

Ok, first of all, "I haven't had this much trouble with shoulders since I gave birth to my son" truly made me laugh out loud!! :) Though maybe I shouldn't be laughing about things like that right now...

I'm so sorry to hear about the shoulders being too big. :( Just consider it a learning experience and don't think about the ripping too much (that's what I have to do or I go crazy). And I hope you feel better SOON!

Iza said...

Lâche pas la patate Aline! Le résultat sera sublime, tu y as mis tellement d'amour! S'en vaut la chandelle.