Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Really Love My Sister Part II

My moto is stay away from zips in knitting after the first cardigan I knit for my Papa circa 1994 and discovered how hard it is (for me) to attach one to my knitting and be satisfied.

After 3 hours last night hand sewing the zipper closure to Ritchie's cardigan, it still looks meh in my opinion.
Anywho, it is a beautiful sweater and Ritchie loves it, appreciates all the stitches made by his Mum and tweaking by his Aunt.

I don't have the KnitPicker or snag fixer tool that Eunny Jang demonstrates in her video about turning the zipper tape into a knitted element. I think it would be fun to try if I ever find one of these tools. Note to self, check with suppliers.

Ritchie has graciously modeled the cardigan for my blog post and in return I helped him cram for his French exam. Turns out I have a decent supply of French language books even at work in my back room. I love dictionaries, it's my thing. I find that using two languages daily really screws me up and I can't spell either one but who cares.

The zip has a little bubble to it...le sigh

Ritchie says the sleeves are beautiful!

Here you can see the place where I hacked off the ribbing and added many rows of knitting in the opposite direction. This should disappear after a good blocking (she hopes)

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Hilary said...

I hate putting in zippers, too! But yours really looks great...bubble, what bubble?! It's a fantastic sweater and I'm so glad your nephew appreciates it! It looks fantastic on him!