Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been cloned

Voilà my duct tape body form of myself. This is so much fun to make!

I watched several YouTube videos on Saturday (there are tons) and this morning sacrificed my tightest undershirt. I wore spandex shorts and covered my hips and neck in cling wrap where the undershirt ended.

HD did the wrapping and we used about 30 meters of tape. After about two even layers, you mark the natural waist you find by bending from side to side and your buddy cuts you out from the back. The undershirt is covered by the tape. Make sure you don't cut your bra. You close the cut line with more tape using the tape lines as a guide. I think it cost me about 20$ and it is MY body. Win win.

I really wanted a long neck on my dress form and apparently my own neck is rather short. HD said he had never noticed this before and we had a bit of an argument when I insisted he tape my neck anyways even if it was really short only to realize he then proceeded to tape passed the cling wrap at some point of our discussion and caught my little neck hairs... AYE! So I sacrificed a few hairs too. Anywho, this was a lot less scary than the time I had to make a death mask of my face for art class. Breathing through straws while the plaster dried. I was never so happy about my huge nostrils. Thanks Dad...

One of the best videos said to use pvc pipes to make a stand for your dress form but HD had the day off from work, the wood and drill handy so he whipped up a stand in no time flat. I still want to paint the base.

She stands at my height too!! I thought it was important for fitting skirts lengths.

We used some foam from an old deck pillow and some newspaper to stuff the cavity. It was weird seeing my body shape from the inside...

We used a recycled soup can turned upside down inside the neck to secure the piece of wood with screws. The whole thing took a few hours but now I have a perfect body form for knit and garment fittings! Woo-who!

Dress forms in Canada are called Judys but I want to come up with my own name for mine. Let me know what YOU think.

Now, I would love to make a fabric cover for my form and then add all the 'bolduc' lines to it. I still have some investigating to do to find the best way to mark the center lines. I already marked the natural waist and the hip line will be the widest measurement. I want to dig out my muslin to start sewing again. I have so much pretty fabric to use.

I have been inspired by Lucy of Corset Laced Mannequin
and Gigisews of Behing The Seams
Many thanks to people that shared the fun videos too!


Brenda said...

Good for you Aleen. Wendy Bernard has intstructions for a duct tape form in her book Custom Knits. I always presumed it would be very difficult to do but you have inspired me.

lookinout said...

Good for you. I had one many years ago when we did it with brown sticky tape and newspaper papier maché. I've changed shape now.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh this is toooo great! I had no idea such a thing was possible! Brilliant! I would make one except there is defintely no room for more than one of me around here!

Susan said...

How cool is that! I still think you should have had shots taken while you were the Amazing Wrapped Lady, lol. :)

nicole said...

So cool!!!

Hilary said...

That is so cool! I've always wanted to make a duct tape dress form of myself (I was first inspired by the directions in Custom Knits). I love that you made her the same height as you, too!