Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Good Bergère

Me last Saturday putting the last of the ribbing back on a cardigan I offered to fix for my Sister. It is a cardigan she knit as a gift for her son but he's much taller than the pattern measurements and wasn't available for fittings.

I offered to take the ribbing off the bottom pieces to add a few inches to them.

Chloé was here to take a rare photo of me at work, if you can call it work.

I put the whole sweater upside down on one circular needle and made three seperate balls of wool to knit equal amount of rows on each piece to make the best of what chocolat yarn was left. I had to use some of the constrasting yarn at the very end since there wasn't enough.
Today was the day to sew the whole shebang and tack in all the ends. I really love my sister!!

On Friday she promises to swing by the shop for a wee visit with the zipper and I can knit up a collar and pocket bands with the ball of chocolat yarn she found at home...!!

I am happy Ritchie gets his long awaited cardigan. The men are really having a taste of the good life these days. I am almost at the saddles on the Hybrid for HD.

Chloé's new pup is really doing well. I can't believe his appetit. He loves his crate. Not a peep comes out of him at night. He has already adapted to waking up at the same time as us in the morning. No more 3 am howls like the first night.

He learned how to go up and down the stairs on Monday. He even carried his teddy bear down the stairs by himself. The weather has warmed up enough to take him out for his business which he likes to do.

He's darn cute but he is fast and his little teeth are sharp! He managed to bite me in a tender spot this morning when I tried to comfort him after the wee folk hopped on the bus. I should knit myself a chain maille vest for protection. :)


lookinout said...

I'm training a puppy too. Teach everything you can now because they learn best now. You have to be top dog with him. I'm working hard at that because this one has gained 17 lbs since Jan 10. Have fun.

Clamille said...

Il doit avoir hâte de recevoir son chandail!!!!
Beau p`tit puppy!!!
Bonne journée!
Clamille xoxo

Hilary said...

I love the snapshot of you at work!! It's neat seeing you in your shop and you look so pretty and peaceful! I wish I looked the same at work. :) And wow, that is so nice of you to fix your nephew's sweater. It looks great...I really like the contrasting color at the bottom. And aaaaah, Romeo is so cute!! I think puppies *have* to be so darned cute because they can really be little rascals (ouch!). My parents got a puppy over the summer and when I'd be talking to them over the phone, all of a sudden, mid sentence, I'd hear, "Olive! OLIVE!!! STOP THAT!! ...Hilary, I swear children are easier than this." Still cracks me up!

Iza said...

Quelle générosité, et quelle belle patience de reprendre ce travail! Il va être merveilleux ce chandail après cette retouche,j'aime bien la couleur.