Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are you working on my shirt?

....and that is the question HD kept asking a week or so ago while I was up to my freakin' eyeballs doing my year end paper work. I have everything under control in the income tax category now so knitting has resumed, sleeves have been attached to the body.
I am decreasing toward those saddle shoulders. I have been reading every article I can find on Ravelry about the Hybrid. I have not come across another Hybrid made at this gauge and/or with helpful notes. Blazing a trail!

Another twist in the story of my life...HD agreed and bought a new puppy for Chloé's 11th birthday.

I am thrilled to have someone in my life that is smaller than me with more wrinkles.

His mother was a Pug and his father was a rolling stone...Chloé has named him Roméo.


Donna said...

ahh, the new pup is so cute! So sis how long before I inherit this pet... lol :)

Sel and Poivre said...

I have an impatient Husband awaiting his still incomplete garment! I'm trying hard to focus on the nagging as being a sign of enthusiasm rather than just plain old impatience!

Susan said...

And now I have context for the sweater shot, having seen your lovely store finally. :) I am such a bad blogger; I forgot to take pictures while I was there!
The puppy is cute and the definite winner of the wrinkle contest.

terriknits said...

The puppy is soooo cute! I enjoyed making the Seamless Hybrid - yours is looking great!

lookinout said...

The pup is adorable. I have a youngish one too. Good luck!

Hilary said...

Aaaaaah, Romeo is so cute!!! I just want to reach through the computer screen and squeeze him! How fun. :)

The jersey is looking great! I've never made a seamless hybrid before so am looking forward to your results!