Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still obsessed

I am scratching an itch with this one!
The solid stockinette stitch combined with fine yarn on circular needles is really flowing and I like it.
Because of the single ball of blue in my stash for this project, I had to start both sleeves simultaneously last night which seems to be a common denominator these days. The reason is, I want to use all the blue I have for the large main stripe. So I needed to get the sleeve stripes done to clear the way for the body ones.

Both sleeves are on the needles. Aren't they cute? And so glad to find enough DPNs in the house!
I have glady stitched down the hem this afternoon. I really enjoy hand stitching work. I think I was one of the March sisters in a previous life. 

What a relief! That ity bity of a curl left at the bottom was stepping on my last nerve.
It looks so crisp and clean now...I just hope it doesn't flare out on the recipient. Oh well too bad.

that awful curl is gone! The back of a chair is a great help.
I will enjoy the mindless knitting of two sleeves before I panic about the shoulders.
I have a special detail to add to the neck as well...One step at a time.

I am off to mend my twingie hip...I think I pulled something on my way down the hill on skis after lunch today. I could hardly make it back to the house at the end of our trip. Ouching all the way. Boo.


Sel and Poivre said...

Don't you think blocking will take care of that miniscule curl?

Hilary said...

Oh, I can't wait to see how this turns out! Don't worry about the hem flipping up...I always worry, but after a good blocking it always stays flat. (And btw, I love hand stitching, too!) I hope your hip feels better! :(

Fabienne said...

Bravo, ne te décourage pas, je n'ai pas tout compris mais il parait qu'un bon blocage pourra arranger les choses hihihi ...