Saturday, January 8, 2011

Excited about 2011

My sister Donna found this vintage dress pattern dating back to the 40s, designed by non other than Mommy Dearest herself! When I was teenager, I used to crash at Donna's house on the weekends and watch Joan Crawford films together...this is a little tribute to the good old days. A fun fact, that she was a knitter. Who knew?
During my long weekends over the holidays, I got a bad case of startitis. Something about a new year to stir me up about a whole year of knitting ahead. I had a nice visit with my stash. Fun to see yarn in there that I bought before the shop opened.

I started a swatch for the Hockey Jersey I promised HD and one of my Blue Moon Sock Kits in the purple and green colourway still in the first 5 cm vicinity. I got the wool blanket in progress out again egged on by the fact that it would be awesome to have it on my bed at night.

At the shop, I had this sample skein of Biscotte Bella sock yarn in my stock room. I decided to crank out a pair of sockies for Pepper since skating season reminds Mums (well at least this one) of the emminent need for warm socks. This yarn is bliss I tell you! I LOVE the fact that it is from QUÉBEC no less. Fun stuff to knit. This sample works out to be stripes of water melon slices. Pink and green. Soft as a kiss. I have drooled over my friend Stéphanie's socks club projects for over a year now. A friend that is signed up to the Biscotte Sock Club. I am so tempted to join myself but time is at a premium. I can't say enough nice things about Biscotte's work and yarn. Lovelove.
In other news because of love, I have offered to fix someone else's knitting project. A rare thing indeed. It is made with Diamond Galway 100% wool which helps to urge me on because I love pure wool. It reminds me of Koonie and the gang -my flock of sheep from the Bergerie days.

I unpicked the ribbing all around the sweater and will proceed to add a little more than a decimetre of rows to fit my dear nephew Ritchie. That in between INVENTORY (ugh!) and serving customers of which keeps increasing, yay! No knitting lessons until the inventory gets counted. I just might explode. And NO, I do not take in peoples knitting to finish. This is a special occasion so don't get any funny ideas people ;)
I have enjoyed reading blogger resolutions for 2011.

I have an idea or two of my own, mainly, I would love to get my body to stretch like it used to when I was a dancer. I have also taken up Yoga and would love to find a class that works with my schedule but for now, I do it alone. Much more biking this Spring and Summer and enjoy my skiis NOW!

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