Friday, November 26, 2010

Loco for Coco

I am knitting myself a beautiful hat that I hope will look an awful lot like the one in the Coco and Igor movie. I tried to find a still of her walking up the steps to the villa...that's the hat I want. That's the hat I need. But this still is all I could find thanks to Google...I am not sure if it is the same hat or not...hmm close enough. I definitely love 1920's styles...

Anywho...I have been combing Ravelry for Cloche style hats and found this one that I am trying. Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche by Mary Keenan. I really wish it had a more cheerful name... but for linking purposes I've faught the urge to rename it. It's such a cute pattern, it deserves a cute name. Bon. I picked out some Luxury Bouclé Merino for this. Turns out this yarn is nearly impossible to knit with. Yikes! There is no way I can keep track of any of it. It just looks and feels gorgeous so I am pinning back both ears and hope the size medium fits my head. How in the world would you even muster a swatch of this yarn? Luckily, I am not the knitting police...I just cast on and hope for the best.
BTW, I am using garter stitch because of the bouclé's all I can do to not run out of the shop screaming down the block...
It would be lush to have this prêt-à-porter for our annual weekend at the Château in a few weeks. My sister told me to sex-it-up-a-bit this year...! So I bought a twinkly cocktail dress and 4 inch all I need is some red lipstick. Bring on the Canard Confit du Lac Brôme.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I ran out of time yesterday to take more pictures of this so bare with me through a dual-post of the same hat.
I really like the way the center top turned out. All swirly and amazing like frost on the windows.

You see, I decreased the top all the while switching back and forth with the colours.

I tried to keep track of the pattern to share it with you but dagg-nammit I had to wing it all the way.

Got lazy and just enjoyed the closing number.

I did have to rip back once and give the hat a bit more height to cover my ears. It that point I remembered that my sister has a longer nogging than me anyway... and once ripped back; lost track of me notes.

So there it is, my new ski hat to go with the fair isle mittens I will get back to by fighting the urge to cast-on two more balls of this discounted yarn to have another go at writing the pattern in blue and white...;)

BTW, I am using this project to teach a class on fair isle technique. I hope nobody asks for the hat recipe.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We meet again...

I've been swatching a fair isle pattern for the next class I am giving on the subject and discovered that 90 sts of chunky yarn makes a perfect ski hat! I am using some really constrasting colours (forest green and gold) that was not meant to be pretty so I am a little sad about that but at least the coyotes will see me coming on ski trails and clear the way...hopefully.

Or, I could give this hat to my sister for Dog walking with Poonie during hunting season... It makes me nervous that they walk around in deer infested woods. Eek!

I haven't knit fair isle in a long while and it feels good to be at it again. This chunky wool is soft and fast to work with too. I should whip up a few Xmas parcels in no time in this direction.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A swish in the snow

This knitter is convinced that the Ravelry queue is basically the glorified favorites list since the friend activity almost always conjures up a queue jumper project...!

52 Tindar Mitten by Gudrun Hreinsdottir is my current weakness. I am so excited about this time of year...any day now the snow will whisper softly to me...come hither little Bergère...come swish along the trail with me...I love to hit the ski trails and after being par boiled all summer long I can't wait to bundle up in soft knits and go play outside.

A forest green solid and a natural tweed yarn to match my ski outfit...that I hope still fits. I've spent a whole year in a yarn shop...not so good for my bum. Crossing fingers.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Birds of a feather knit together

Finally something to blog about...

It seems that the stars are lining up quite nice and neat for me this week. Today, I have all my favorite customers popping in to the shop. I have grown quite attached to some of the lovely and talented people I have met since I became a yarn retailer. As if owning your own yarn store wasn't enough of a thrill! I never imagined the fun people I would get to know. Ting Ting!

Speaking of which, on her last visit, Nanette mentioned she put the finishing touches on her version of the glorious Pin Wheel Sweater that was all the rage around here last fall... She used up her leftover mohair from the stash and needed one more colour to finish which she found here on my shelf. I mentioned to her like I do most clients that I LOVE to see the FOs...

So this morning she arrived wearing her Pin wheel and as luck would have it, I was wearing mine too! Two more ladies came through the door just in time to snap this photo of the pair of us shopping for more wool. And yes, I am as little as a wisp...Nanette is not a giant. Which prooves my point about the vurtues of the pin wheel sweater. It is one pattern that flatters all!
Nanette has agreed to offer her expertise the first Saturday morning of each month (starting in December) for Knitting Help for those people that need help with a current project. Please call the shop for details. I have to delegate such tasks nowadays. My calendar is filling up!

In other news, I have been rattling on with the Aestlight shawl from Shetland Traders. I am using and enjoying a hemp yarn for this. The colour is warm and the Hempathy is pleasant. I think I will stock more of this stuff for next Spring, oh yes. I imagine the fabric to be very cool for summer projects. I find global warming close to unbearable in these I need cool fabrics to knit and wear. In fact, I really love Fall and Winter thank you very much. Besides, its good for business.

Today is my beloved sister Donna's birthday!! A big bloggy hug to her. She's 26...cough! She is getting a knitted gift this year. I had to make it last summer to have it ready for today. We are going to a mexican restaurant to dig in gluten free and have a really long overdue margarita together. I hope to blog about that FO very soon.

Voilà où je suis rendue avec mon projet courant...le joli châle « Aestlight » .

La boutique bourdonne depuis septembre et mon calendrier déborde de cours en tricot et en crochet en soirée le mercredi. Alors, je commence un nouveau programme pour ceux et celles qui ont besoin de l'aide avec leurs projets. Nanette (voir la photo ci-dessus) sera disponible ici même le premier samedi matin du mois (débutant en décembre) pour répondre au besoin. Appellez la boutique pour vous renseignez de ce service.

La première photo ci-dessus est de Nanette qui venait me montré sa version de la veste « Pin Wheel » qu'elle a confectionné avec du mohair. Et alors, on a bien rigolé lorsque je portais moi aussi ma veste Pin Wheel aujourd'hui! J'adore ce patron qui est si oui, je ne suis pas très grande du tout !

Bon tricot! xx