Monday, October 25, 2010

Mes inspirations

Ma copine Clamille de chez Mes tricots et leurs mailles m'inspire tout le temps et voici un de cet dernier post qui m'a donné cette idée pour organizer le coin du tricot chez nous.

En cliquant le lien ci-dessus, tu verras l'imagine de son joli coin tricot et voilà le pratique classeur pour ses projets de tricot qui sert à tout ranger et comme table pour reposer le breuvage chaud et les outils.

Pendant notre ménage d'été, ma fille Chloé a donné tous ses poupées Barbie avec accessoires tout d'abord vidant ce classeur que j'ai donc su immédiatement que faire avec ;)...mais, c'est géniale ! et, ce cache rapidement dans un placard si necéssaire.

Alors, en week-end, j'ai pris un temps pour installer mon nouveau projet le Aestlight châle dans un tiroir. J'utilise la laine Hempathy par Elsebeth Lavold, un mélange de chanvre doré. La photo Ravelry de Cocoknits du Summer Solstice Aestlight m'a inspiré pour choisir cette couleur pour le mien. (merci Nicole!)

Fellow blogger Clamille posted earlier this summer an idea I quite liked to use for my own knitting corner of the family room. And as luck would have it, Chloé decided to empty this very organizer of its Barbie collection over the summer. So, now we both have a drawer to keep our WIP with a nifty table top for tea or in this case, coffee! The whole thing can easily be tucked out of sight too.

Over the weekend, I introduced my Hempathy yarn and pattern to one of its drawers. Admiring Cocoknits Summer Solstice Aestlight photo on Ravelry, I decided to use this golden colourway for my own version. I have been anticipating this shawl for months now and since this month has been a rough one for me, I decided it was time to cast-on a nerve soothing garter goodness project. I just love the easy-as-pie increasing to this triangle! Those side loops as the cutest thing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farmer's dozen

I just finished 13 pairs of felted slippers in various colours and sizes. I promised 12 but am giving 13 because I counted 2 wee pairs as 1.
Which reminds me that my Mum taught me that 13 is the farmer's dozen when selling stuff. We used to get 13 cobs of sweet corn at the corner...
I made these with chunky sized 100% wool and 10 mm needles. I noted the stitch count and rows necessary to make various sizes and will soon create a printable pattern for you!
Voici 13 pairs de pantoufles feutrés faites ! J'ai décidé de bientôt vous offrir ce patron facile qui sera disponible ici-même. Ça prend de la 100% laine chunky et des aiguilles 10 mm. Un superb cadeau de Noël !

Friday, October 1, 2010

Le Petit Prince

Linen stitch is everything I thought it would be and more...

I love the way the private side looks like seed stitch but it's clever. Gives this scarf a reversible aspect.

This scarf is a very masculin sort of accessory so I decided to name my project Le Petit Prince.

Who is Le Petit Prince?

A favorite story of mine that I happen to be reading when I cast on. One that never leaves my heart! I think this scarf will be similarly cherished.

I am at the halfway mark now. This is good because I have 12 pairs of felted slippers to make for November. Gulp!